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Life — 16 July, 2017

One Year as a Parent

Dylan just turned one year old, which makes Emma reflect on this…

Style — 6 July, 2017

Second Hand Baby

If you ask Emma, baby clothes are best bought second hand!

Life — 24 May, 2017

What I’ve Learned About Baby Clothes

Emma has considered changing the color scheme of Dylan's entire wardrobe. Here's…

Baby — 3 March, 2017


Emma cannot believe Dylan used to fit in that onesie...

Baby — 23 February, 2017

White denim

I find it funny how just wearing bright colors can make you…

Advertorials — 22 February, 2017

The silent blender

I found this recipe for millet porridge! It's very simple, healthy, and…

Baby — 21 February, 2017

Time really does fly

All of a sudden he is more a toddler rather than a…

Baby — 7 February, 2017

Here in this spring

Emma just couldn't help herself.

Baby — 2 February, 2017


This picture is from one week before I had Dylan

Baby — 22 January, 2017

Painted black

A new lick of paint for an old chair

Baby — 20 January, 2017

Best baby buy

A super-soft baby jumper I want for myself

Baby — 14 January, 2017

The rabbit and the turtle

Dylan and Stella make friends

Baby — 13 January, 2017

Pompom rug

Being stuck at home is the perfect opportunity to get into a…

Baby — 10 January, 2017

My little foodie

First tastes, trying millet out on Dylan

Baby — 31 December, 2016

New year, new hope

Looking ahead to the new year, with hope and love.

Baby — 23 December, 2016

Mini me

When you dress your baby as you dress your self

Interior — 5 December, 2016


A chance find in the attic for Dylan

Baby — 4 December, 2016

My love

A five-month old soul

Baby — 19 November, 2016

Linen bibs

Bibs made of towels.

Baby — 18 November, 2016

My little teddy

The phenomenon of motherhood?

Baby — 3 November, 2016

Piano man

Dylan is turning four months today.

Baby — 5 October, 2016

I love second hand

Why Emma loves to buy things second hand.

Baby — 29 September, 2016

Love a beret

Dylan is sporting a new look and doing his Ingmar Bergman stare.

Baby — 24 September, 2016

DIY: baby gym

Emma shows how to make a baby gym. Easy, cheap and fun…

Baby — 23 September, 2016


Emma is looking forward to the weekend – and a baby without a…

Baby — 16 September, 2016

Maple wood

Emma's plans for this weekend is to build a baby gym.

Baby — 12 September, 2016

The wonder weeks

Two things that I am so happy to have invested in!

Baby — 9 September, 2016

My amazing life

The truth about having a kid is...

Baby — 8 September, 2016

Charity auction

Combining two great things, selling things secondhand and donating the profit to…

Baby — 25 August, 2016

Two months

Baby — 15 August, 2016

Organic bamboo

Emma can't believe how much easier life got since she started carrying…

Baby — 11 August, 2016

Toxic free stroller

Emma reviews her toxic free stroller!

Baby — 9 August, 2016

DIY: changing bed

Emma shows you how she made her own diaper changing bed from…

Baby — 8 August, 2016


Still stuck in bed after a long night.

Baby — 5 August, 2016

Wrap and wear

Emma is loving her organic cotton baby sling.

Baby — 4 August, 2016

The gang

Time flies when you spend your days with these two cuties.

Baby — 26 July, 2016


After twelve hours of horrible pain and laughter, Dylan entered this world!

Baby — 16 July, 2016

Buy buy baby

Emma shares her baby to buy list!

Baby — 10 July, 2016

Time is standing still

Seven days old today.

Baby — 4 July, 2016

Say hi

Life is beautiful.

Baby — 1 July, 2016

Now and then

Emma is experiencing a restless struggle between resting and keeping her self…

Style — 21 June, 2016

The baby’s wardrobe

Emma share her thoughts on how to prepare the babys wardrobe.

Baby — 14 June, 2016

Preparing for a baby

Emma Elwin invites you to her world – preparing for a baby with…

Baby — 9 June, 2016

Raspberry leaf tea

Emma Elwin's recipe for keeping calm on a sunny afternoon (8.5 months…

Baby — 26 May, 2016

Almost there

Emma is almost done with the last preparations for the baby.

Baby — 26 May, 2016


Emma hopes for only second hand baby gifts.

Baby — 25 May, 2016

Tiny shoes

Emma has gotten paddle feet and Micky mouse looking hands.

Baby — 3 May, 2016

Green and yellow

Emma Elwin shares her three things to add to your diet during…

Baby — 27 April, 2016


Emma shares her thoughts on the pregancy eight weeks from due date!

Baby — 15 April, 2016

Emma Elwin, 7 months pregnant: “It is such a surreal feeling”

We asked our co-founder Emma about feelings some two or so months…

Baby — 30 March, 2016


Emma Elwin has found a stoller made off organic materials and with…

Baby — 10 March, 2016

Buy buy baby

Emma Elwin had a quest to buy the whole baby wardrobe second…

Baby — 23 February, 2016


Emma Elwin is busy as a bee preparing for the baby.

Baby — 22 February, 2016


Emma Elwin is feeling more focused than ever.

Baby — 3 February, 2016

Thank you

Emma Elwin is so happy for all the kind words she got…

Baby — 29 January, 2016

Life is amazing

Emma Elwin has some big new to share on the blog today.