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Style — 23 May, 2018

Brand to Watch: TOME

When talking about ethical fashion brand TOME, words like ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusiveness’ are likely to come up.

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German Creative Lena Lademann Has the Face, Taste and Wardrobe to Envy

Lena Lademann is the influencer to follow right now. We’ve asked her 10 quick questions.

Beauty — 6 May, 2018

Linné is the Result-Driven and Bio-Friendly Skin Care Brand to Watch

Never underestimate great aesthetics—it’s what sparks that immediate attraction. This is what happened with botanical skin care brand Linné: love at first sight.

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How Stora Skuggan Puts Perfume in an Interior Context

Stora Skuggan is the Stockholm-based perfume studio that has blurred the line between beauty products and interior decoration.

Style — 22 May, 2018

Style — 22 May, 2018

Make it last’s Fashion Flea Market is Coming to Gothenburg – See You Next Week!

We’re excited to announce the first edition of Make it last’s Fashion Flea Market in Gothenburg as a part of the Re:LJUS festival. Hope to see you on Saturday, June 2.

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Style — 22 May, 2018

On Our Minds: Plant Based Accessories from Keef Palas

An ephemeral jewellery project stemming from Barcelona using Mediterranean flora, created by Eugenia Oliva, a wordsmith, and Claire O’Keefe, an artist.

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