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Features — 17 August, 2016

Get to know: Matt & Nat

Matt & Natt is a vegan brand that makes sustainable bags, shoes…

Features — 1 August, 2016

Get to know: Balossa

Innovative shirt brand Balossa believes a timeless piece never can be boring.

Buy less, choose well — 19 July, 2016

Get to know: Riyka

This week we introduce a vibrant, high quality brand with an impressive…

Buy less, choose well — 6 July, 2016

Get to know: MYR

A small-scale maker of bags in organic vegetable tanned leather. Meet MYR!

Buy less, choose well — 20 June, 2016

Get to know: Nudie Jeans

Every week we salute brands included in our Sustainable Brand Index. In…

Buy less, choose well — 1 June, 2016

Get to know: Freedom of Animals

Freedom of Animals wants to offer distinct and purposeful designs that comply…

Buy less, choose well — 25 May, 2016

Get to know: Under The Same Sun

Every week we highlight a brand from our Sustainable Brand Index. Under…

Buy less, choose well — 11 May, 2016

Get to know: EoE

Each week Make it last introduces a featured brand from our Sustainable…

Features — 12 February, 2016

Less shows, instant gratification

Burberry, Vetements and other fashion heavy-weights break away from the traditional runway…

Features — 28 September, 2015

Timeless favorites: Little Liffner x Filippa K

Make it last asks Paulina Liffner three questions about her recent collaboration…

Features — 8 September, 2015

Five DIY-Instagrammers to keep track of

Make it last lists five inspiring DIY-accounts on Instagram.

Features — 9 March, 2015

Luxe knits for everyone

Rachel Kibbe of eco-friendly online store Helpsy joins forces with Hortensia Handmade's…

Features — 28 January, 2015

Diana Orving: “Once I started creating I was like this self-playing piano”

In an intimate interview, Diana Orving talks to Make it last about…

Features — 3 December, 2014

24 ways of designing 32 square meters

Designing based on time rather than on space.

Features — 27 November, 2014

A very powerful message

Aesthetics don’t come second to ethics.

Features — 25 November, 2014

The innovators: Kate Fletcher

Sustainability is actually an issue of the human heart.

Features — 30 October, 2014

Four reasons not to buy new clothes

Best vintage stores in New York.

Features — 30 October, 2014

Is Fashion Getting Slower?

As consumers adjust their appetites, they benefit by seeing their clothes in…

Features — 23 October, 2014

Tansy Hoskins: “Like a black hole that can never be filled”

The fashion industry is carpet bombing our planet.

Features — 21 October, 2014

The basics

Soft cashmere sweaters and a pair of corduroy trousers.

Features — 16 October, 2014

Josefina Larsson: “I have a lot of energy these days”

The starting point was a very intriguing Araki portrait.

Features — 7 October, 2014

Reaching the millennials

It really is smart, and I'm sure, also sincere

Features — 5 October, 2014

Can’t believe he’s making me write about him

Does it mock any real struggle?

Features — 30 September, 2014

Vestiaire Collective – the “second hand Net-a-Porter”

Make it last talks to co-founder Fanny Moizant about sustainability, unwanted designer…