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Advertorials — 3 August, 2015

The Sony Challenges S02E04: Almost there

This summer I finally did it, I almost did a cheaty five.…

Surf — 29 July, 2015

Cast away

The time is flying here in Galicia. The days are filled with…

Surf — 23 July, 2015

Le Surfing

My cousin and I at our favorite hang out here in Biarritz.

Surf — 18 July, 2015

At last

It's time for me to go to the city of Biarritz, Europe's…

Surf — 13 July, 2015

Eco leash

Everything is finally packed and I'm ready to leave for a week…

Advertorials — 17 June, 2015

The Sony Challenges S02E03: Biggest smile wins

It's early morning we've just arrived to Torö. The sun has not…

Advertorials — 8 June, 2015

The Sony Challenges S02E02: Weather, please help me?

The past few days the weather forecast had really been driving me…

Advertorials — 26 May, 2015

The Sony Challenges S02E01: Cold water surf

The first things you have to learn with surfing? Patience, and completely…

Surf — 13 January, 2015

Pura Vida

Here are the pictures from our trip to the little surf village…

Outfits — 3 January, 2015

Surf bikini

Emma have found the perfect bikini to surf in.

Lifestyle — 28 December, 2014

Surf, eat, sleep, repeat

Our life here is all about surfing, eating and sleeping.

Outfits — 22 December, 2014

Off surfing

The day started off with a three hour surf session.