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Lifestyle — 20 April, 2017

When Did We Start Taking Nature for Granted?

Emma is traveling up north and the landscape passing by is giving…

Inspiration — 16 March, 2017

Places to go: eco-friendly hotels

With consideration and careful planning, our vacations can be still luxurious, relaxing…

Baby — 23 February, 2017

White denim

I find it funny how just wearing bright colors can make you…

Baby — 31 December, 2016

New year, new hope

Looking ahead to the new year, with hope and love.

Lifestyle — 9 November, 2016

Always darkest before the dawn

We are all waking up to a nightmare. How could this happen?

Lifestyle — 26 September, 2016

Yogish collective

Emma has a new favorite brand.

Advertorials — 2 September, 2016

Anita Falkenek, Åhléns: Sustainability makes good business sense

Make it last talks to Åhléns' sustainability manager about why companies that…

Lifestyle — 8 July, 2016

When life slows down…

Reporting from a very happy place!

Lifestyle — 21 June, 2016

Sneak peek

Emma is excited about an upcoming Make it last project.

Lifestyle — 19 June, 2016

Thoughts of the day

Linen shirts, pms, ridiculously tight jeans, stretch marks and cinnamon rolls.

Lifestyle — 22 April, 2016

Almost everyone cares about sustainability

Our study shows that almost four out of five Swedes think companies…

Lifestyle — 10 December, 2015

The book of the week

Emma Elwin shares her book of the week.

Lifestyle — 1 October, 2015

Welcome to Make it last’s fashion flea market

It's finally time again – Make it last's fashion flea market is back…

Lifestyle — 25 April, 2015

The art of weekending

Today I'm hanging out with Hemingway on my balcony.

Lifestyle — 23 February, 2015

Monday music

This week is all about multitasking.

Lifestyle — 21 February, 2015

Hat trick

Emma loves her new hat!

Lifestyle — 17 February, 2015

Timeless x 3

Emma bringing her three top things to Cape town.

Lifestyle — 13 February, 2015

Ready, set, work!

Emma planning Make it last future with the whole team.

Lifestyle — 3 February, 2015

V-neck and flares

Emma shares her two fav pieces from her closet.

Lifestyle — 2 February, 2015


Emma working from home with Stella today.

Lifestyle — 30 January, 2015

Weekend & lace

Finally weekend again!

Lifestyle — 22 January, 2015


Emma tries to avoid trends.

Lifestyle — 19 January, 2015

True classics

Emma did get some nice Christmas gifts.

Lifestyle — 18 January, 2015

I didn’t need a cookie to tell me that

Have you guys made any wishes for the new year?