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Inspiration — 17 February, 2017


Inspiration — 15 February, 2017

Consider the hair pin

Does anyone actually like hair elastics?

Inspiration — 26 January, 2017

Spring is in the air

Emma senses a seasonal hope.

Inspiration — 19 October, 2016

The Dandelion

What to do this weekend if your in Stockholm.

Inspiration — 19 September, 2016

Covered in…

The ultimat look for autumn.

Inspiration — 15 September, 2016


Emma is not ready to say goodbye to all this green just…

Inspiration — 2 September, 2016

Vintage denim love

Emma got some high quality inspiration the hour she spent on Stockholm…

Inspiration — 17 August, 2016

Sustainable inspiration

This is where Emma turns for sustainable inspiration.

Inspiration — 15 April, 2016

Current mood

Emma Elwin is curious as to what you all think about the…

Inspiration — 4 March, 2016

On my desk

Emma Elwin is busy planing the hectic up coming week with five…

Inspiration — 25 February, 2016

What is hanging in my closet

This is how Emma Elwin gets her inspiration in the morning.

Inspiration — 18 February, 2016

Start with the jeans?

Lisa Corneliusson reveals her top three sustainable denim.

Inspiration — 11 February, 2016

The future

Emma Elwin is think about the future and the responsibility we have…

Inspiration — 8 February, 2016

New hobby

Emma Elwin what's to learn a new hobby.

Inspiration — 31 December, 2015

New years

This is what Emma Elwin is planing to wear for her new…

Inspiration — 7 December, 2015

On my desk

Emma Elwin shares her favorite things on her desk right now.

Inspiration — 27 November, 2015

Friday mood

Emma Elwin shares her Friday inspiration.

Inspiration — 12 November, 2015


Emma Elwin is search for inspiration for spring.

Inspiration — 6 November, 2015

Knitted friday

Emma Elwin is recycling some old inspiration today.

Inspiration — 4 November, 2015

Where has it taken us?

A cow's life length is 15-20 years. The milk cows will most…

Inspiration — 2 November, 2015

In the cold cold night

When the darkness comes to Stockholm Emma Elwin tend to avoid bright…

Inspiration — 29 October, 2015

Winter white

Lisa came back the other week from Paris with this beautiful vintage…

Inspiration — 28 October, 2015

The classics

Emma Elwin has a weakness for...