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Outfits — 25 April, 2017

My Go-To Look

Emma is still loving the monochrome Stockholm style!

Outfits — 13 April, 2017

An Oldie But Goodie

Emma's favorite outfit is made up by two of her most loved…

Outfits — 7 April, 2017

Give a Little

Emma is sharing one of her all-time favorite outfits as well as…

Outfits — 27 March, 2017

Now I remember

Sometimes, a little sun is all you need to see things in…

Outfits — 17 March, 2017

My kick flares

Emma shares some exiting news about one of her most popular Boob…

Outfits — 10 March, 2017

Tofu and black

Emma is happy about the warm welcome that her collection for Boob…

Outfits — 6 March, 2017


Inspired by Diane Keaton.

Outfits — 2 March, 2017

Dark blue

Emma sets a new challenge for herself.

Outfits — 15 February, 2017

That lovely feeling

After two days of sun, Emma is feeling optimistic.

Outfits — 10 February, 2017

Achilles’ heel

Emma swears she could style a striped sweater in a hundred different…

Outfits — 6 February, 2017

July she will fly

Teething, crawling, sneezing and dreaming of summer.

Outfits — 21 January, 2017

Ready for summer

Holiday dreaming, a glimmer of sun in the winter months

Outfits — 17 January, 2017

Gala x pyjamas

If Emma would have made it to the gala...

Outfits — 8 January, 2017

Second skin

Warm underwear don't care, the cosiest two-piece.

Outfits — 5 January, 2017

Top to toe

Hello new year, goodbye sweatpants!

Outfits — 20 December, 2016

A year ago in Califonia

A Californian outfit flashback to cure sick-day blues

Outfits — 14 December, 2016

Same old sweater

I have been living in this recycled cashmere sweater

Outfits — 29 November, 2016

Ten minutes ago

A ten-minute outfit

Outfits — 20 November, 2016

Unriddle the code

The surprising colour that is perfect for hiding baby puke

Outfits — 10 November, 2016

Navy blue

Nursing a baby and dressing warm is a tricky business.

Outfits — 7 November, 2016

A year ago

Drinking liters of coffee in knitted sweatpants.

Outfits — 26 October, 2016

A few weeks back

A perfect occasion to dress up.

Outfits — 14 October, 2016

Close the loop

Emma is looking forward to the weekend.

Outfits — 7 October, 2016

Recycled wool

Emma get cozy for the weekend in one of the latest Filippa…