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How Do We Grow?

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by Emma Elwin on 22 September, 2017

The last couple of weeks I’ve really been thinking about what it takes to expand a company. What about Make it last are we doing right and what are we doing? We make content for the site and we supply creative services, advertising, consulting, custom content and affiliate marketing. And on top of that we have so many more ideas of things we’d love to do.
Again, time is the enemy. How will we find the time to make all our plans and dreams come true? The people at our office are some of the most creative souls in the business, and—all women. Sometimes I think the possibilities are endless, other days I only see problems.

Do any of you have successful businesses? What are your best tips on getting forward and growing as a company?

The Hope SS18 Collection

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by Emma Elwin on 21 September, 2017

Better late than never, right? My favorite show at Stockholm Fashion Week was Hope. They’re doing this unisex collection that I think is great—more brands should think like that. Gender should not have to define the way we dress. Don’t you agree?

Closing the loop for a garments lifecycle has been one of the big challenges when it comes to circular and sustainable fashion. The main reason I’m writing about this is because I’m so exited that when it comes to textiles, technology is moving forward so fast. I really hope that in a not too distant future, we’ll recycle all old garments and textiles (yes, old socks and underwear too) just like we recycle glass and PET bottles today.

The four-year innovative partnership between the non-profit H&M Foundation and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) finds groundbreaking solutions to recycling blend textiles into new fabrics and yarns—without any quality loss—through a hydrothermal (chemical) process. I’m so happy this technology will be scaled up and made available to the global fashion industry. It’s a major breakthrough in the journey towards a closed loop for textiles.

“By being able to upcycle used textiles into new high value textiles, we no longer need to solely rely on virgin materials to dress a growing world population. This is a major breakthrough in the pursuit of a fashion industry operating within the planetary boundaries,” says Edwin Keh, Chief Executive Officer of The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA).

The aim of the Closed-Loop Apparel Recycling Eco-System Program is to find at least one ready technology to recycle clothes made from blend textiles, within the four-year project period. One year into the partnership, HKRITA has together with Ehime University and Shinshu University in Japan, successfully developed a hydrothermal (chemical) process to fully separate and recycle cotton and polyester blends. The recovered polyester material can be reused directly, without any quality loss. The hydrothermal process uses only heat, water and less than 5% biodegradable green chemical, to self-separate cotton and polyester blends. This fiber-to-fiber recycling method is cost effective, and there’s no secondary pollution to the environment, ensuring the life of the recycled material is prolonged in a sustainable way.

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The Guppy Friend Washing Bag

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 19 September, 2017

Washing bag, Guppy/Filippa K .

The Guppy Friend Washing Bag is a temporary solution for preventing micro plastic waste from ending up in our oceans, which happens for instance when we wash synthetic textiles. The recyclable washing bag holds and captures the micro fibers that break during washing. In addition, the bag’s unique structure protects all materials, including natural fabrics, and gives them a longer life. So, basically what the bag does is: Elongating the life of your clothes and reducing micro plastic waste in oceans.

Pretty great, right?

Day Two of Fashion Week

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by Emma Elwin on 18 September, 2017

Lyocell shirt, Filippa K. Flanell trousers, Acne Studios. Cotton jacket, Hope. Loafers, Filippa K.

I’m sorry for the delay on posting my fashion week day-two outfit! I’m embarrassed to admit I forgot about it since the Make it last schedule is keeping me busy as a bee.
For day two I felt like blending in with the rest of the old-school fashion crowed (the once who was in the business before street style photos) which pretty much means black from top to toe. The shirt is a hundred procent Lyocell, which is a truly durable and sustainable material.

Here are some examples of great staples made from Lyocell!

9 Tips for How to Wash Jeans

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by Emma Elwin on 17 September, 2017

I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned over the years by working with denim. Here’re my 9 best tips for denim care:

1. Care for your jeans by laundering them lightly and less often, using a cold wash cycle and line drying.

2. Freshen up the jeans between washes by hanging them in the sun or in a steamy bathroom. 

3. Turn your jeans inside out before washing.

4. Always wash your jeans separately for the first time as many styles contain additional colors that can dye on other clothes.

5. Never use bleach detergents, and be careful about the amount of rinse aid you’re using.

6. Remove the jeans from the washing machine as soon as they’re finished to avoid faded stripes.

7. Always wash your jeans at the lowest possible temperature.

8. To maintain the fit, smooth and stretch the stitches. Avoid using a dryer—it may destroy fit of the jeans.

9. Always hang the jeans on their right side to avoid stripes. 

Hope you got some new ideas from my list!

Sustainable Hero Pieces

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 16 September, 2017

I’ve chosen some pieces from my favorite sustainable brands that might really be the perfect wardrobe heroes. When I say heroes, I mean garments that will “have your back” for many seasons and years to come.

To me, sustainable fashion is made up by different important factors. High quality garments is one; timeless design is another. And I always look for brands that maintain a sustainable line of production. I believe the brands below tick at least a couple of these boxes.

The Future is Female

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 15 September, 2017

The original ”The Future is Female” slogan tee was made for NYC’s first woman’s bookstore, Labyris Books. In 1975, photographer Lisa Cowan took a picture of her then-girlfriend Alex Dobkin wearing it for an advert in the magazine DYKE A Quarterly.
These four words give me strength on days when I feel the world is scaring me, and gives me hope for a better future that’s equal for all.

The bag in the picture comes from Instructions +, a Paris-based brand that makes clothing with purpose. They design and produce garments that are manufactured in India on sustainable and ethical bases. On their website you even get to know the person who made each garment.
This bag has been embroidered by Ponmalar, who you can read more about here. Female entrepreneurs truly are my heroes!

My Surf Family

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by Emma Elwin on 14 September, 2017

Three years ago I went to a yoga retreat, and when we where asked to think about our life goals I remember wishing that surfing would be a bigger part of my life.
Looking through my pictures from this summer, I realized that all of the men that are closest to me now are surfers. Sharing one of the things I love most with my dad, husband and son really is a blessing.

Me, dad and Dylan.

Warm Yellow and Beige

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by Emma Elwin on 13 September, 2017

Lamp, Bukowskis. Armchair, Auktionsverket.  Painting, Sarah Inhoffen.

Three things I would love to see in our living room. I like the thought of mixing this warm yellow with cold beige.

Time is Making Fools of Us Again

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by Emma Elwin on 12 September, 2017

Where does one find the time and energy to get everything done? The feeling of always having a long, long list of to-dos is really starting to get to me. We’re never done, are we? So how do you turn that feeling of not being enough into something good?
Laundry, cleaning up, painting the upstairs hallway and fold stuff that’s lying around; when I write some of the things down it doesn’t look too bad. But when I come home from work at 6 pm, the last thing I want is to sort out laundry, paint a wall or clean the toilette. Do any of you have a trick up your sleeve for how to make this life puzzle work?

Feeling (Navy) Blue

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by Emma Elwin on 11 September, 2017

Knit, Boob. Bag, The Row.

The Fall weather is actually making me feel a bit blue. So in an aim to brighten up my early morning, I decided to pair my beautiful party bag with a big knitted sweater. I quite like the effect—or what do you think?

Tiny Bag, Big Coat

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by Emma Elwin on 10 September, 2017

Coat, Acne Studios. Sweater, Filippa K. Jeans, vinage Levi’s. Sunglasses, Céline.

They say that dressing is not only a necessary evil—you’re suposed to have fun with it too. I guess that was what I thought the day when I bought this tiny little bag on Vestiaire. Me wearing that minuscule bag with a huge coat made André laugh at me when I left the house to go to work.

Hair Up, Ready to Work

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 9 September, 2017

Hairpin, Sanktoleono.

I love being back at the office!
Don’t get me wrong, I miss Dylan a lot, and spending a year at home with him was amazingly amazing but also one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever met. So being back at work actually feels pretty nice. I love just being able to go to the bathroom on my own and drink my coffee without having to neck it scalding hot, or forgetting about it and having to drink it ice cold. However, most of all, I love that I’m more efficient than ever since I want to get home as fast as possible to my little one.
Having said all that; let me present the hairpin that totally turned my bad hair day around.

A True Investment

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by Emma Elwin on 8 September, 2017

Shoes, The Row. 

I’m going to be completely honest with you: these shoes are crazy expensive. But they are also the comfortable, beautiful and well-made kind of shoes that I want to wear for the rest of my days.
I find I’m much more content with my wardrobe now when I’m investing in fewer but higher quality garment and shoes. With the right care, I hope I’ll be wearing these in my eighties.

The Marbled Watermelon Bag

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by Emma Elwin on 7 September, 2017

This is a handcrafted vegetable-tanned leather bag made in Barcelona by Atelier Batac, a brand that draws inspiration from the delicate and feminine energy in the Mediterranean style. Atelier Batac is part of Tictail’s #NotFaceless movement that’s supporting slow fashion, small business and entrepreneurship—all the things we love. 

Denim on Denim

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 6 September, 2017

I usually don’t write about trends here on Make it last. I don’t find that fast fashion trends are something that inspires me much, especially since it’s something that might make people want to buy things they don’t really want or need.
That said—as one of the biggest Fall trends is wearing denim on denim (a personal favorite!), I think it’s worth mentioning since I believe it’s a look anyone can master without having to go to the store. Just pair your favorite jeans with a denim jacket, or borrow a denim shirt from a friend or partner, and ta-daaa, your done!

Sanktoleono Jewelry

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 5 September, 2017

Hairpin, Sanktoleono.

Sanktoleono is one of the designers I feel in love with after visiting the Tictail office here in Stockholm. Their jewelry is hand made in Greece and combines cutting-edge technology with age-old themes. They describe themselves as ancient but strangely futuristic–such an interesting combo!

Tôteme is definitely one of my favorite brands of the moment—their timeless design is right up my alley. I visited their Stockholm showroom last week for a presentation of the spring summer 2018 collection, and found three classic garments that would complete any wardrobe. The trench coat, cable knit and silky trousers are (no surprise) my favorite pieces in the collection.

Can’t wait for spring!

Day One of Fashion Week

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by Emma Elwin on 2 September, 2017

Jacket, Balenciaga. Blouse, Tôteme. Trousers, Acne studios. Shoes, The Row. 

Last time I attended a fashion week I got the idea of styling all of my looks around one specific garment. That time I chose this timeless silk shirt from Filippa K as my everyday base, wanting to show that you can get three totally different outfits from one single piece of clothing. I think the experiment turned out great!
That’s why for this fashion week I wanted to do the same, but with a pair of black Acne Studios flannel trousers. Most people have a black pair of trousers in their wardrobes, and it’s a garment I love to wear and always return to. The other day I paired them with a white blouse, a boxy jacket I borrowed from Lisa, and timeless suede shoes.

What I love about these trousers is that they are so easy to dress up or down. Check in tomorrow to see how I styled them for day two!

The Ellos Denim Guide

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 1 September, 2017

Just before summer, I teamed up with Ellos to share some of my favorite styling hacks for jeans. My approach when it comes to this particular garment is that jeans should be for everyone and made to fit you—not the other way around.

My favorite jeans style is a timeless and bright blue one with quite straight legs. I think it works well with basically everything and is the perfect style if you want the choice of rolling up the hem to show a little ankle (which I do). My second favorite style would definitely be a pair of high waisted jeans that marks your waist and gives you more of a curvy silhouette that highlights the frame.

And if you’re into some DIY: One thing I love to do is to give an old pair of jeans a quick update by adding some patches. It’s super fun and gives the garment tons of personality. Also, if you have a tear, a patch is the perfect cover-up.

See the films where I give all my best tips here!


In collaboration with Ellos.

Sandals, Carrie Forbes.

The other day I had these sandals on a shoot and was amazed by the craftsmanship behind them. They’re woven with raffia string that is spun from the raffia palm tree. Raffia is a material that’s easy to colour and doesn’t shrink in water. One pair of shoes takes one whole day to make, but are very durable when done! What do you think?

So, I’m Officially Married!

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by Emma Elwin on 29 August, 2017

It’s already been a week since we got married in city hall! Before all this, I did’t think I was the kind of person who cared too much about the marriage stuff. I thought that sharing a life, child and home was big enough, and more important than having a ring on my finger. But the moment we said “I do” something changed. I now feel that we are closer and more of a team than ever before—it’s such an “us against the world-feeling”, and I love that!

For the city hall ceremony I wore this beautiful dress from Deitas with shoes from Prada. Lucky me, getting to dress in white for more than one occasion!

A Camel Coat for Fall

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 22 August, 2017

Updating my wardrobe for Fall is something I find myself doing less and less. I feel that at this point, I have pretty much all I need. Yet I dream of finding a coat that goes with the color of my beige pug Stella’s hairs. So I’ve found myself browsing the second hand market for a high quality and timeless camel coat. When I’ve found it, I’ll be completely ready for Fall!
Tips, anyone?

Have you heard about The Stockholm Act festival that is taking place this week on various locations around Stockholm city? It’s so ambitious, with inspiring speakers and activities all week (check out the schedule here!).
I’m really excited about Make it last’s participation on Thursday and Friday (August 24-25). Electrolux has invited us to set up a mini flea market at The Nordic Museum with exclusive pieces sourced from our own and our stylist friends’ wardrobes, and I’ll be there giving you my best tips on how to build a timeless wardrobe.
By our side, Electrolux will be hosting a Care & Repair event, giving you the chance of having your most beloved garments washed, dried and steamed. On Friday, Houdini is setting up a repair and remake station alongside them to complete the experience.
Really hope to see you there!

Care & Repair & Fashion Flea Market by Electrolux, Houdini and Make it last

The Nordic Museum (Nordiska Museet),
Djurgårdsvägen 6-17, Stockholm
Thursday August 24 & Friday August 25
11 am – 5 pm

Admission FREE: This only applies to this Event and the Stockholm Act spaces (not The Nordic Museum exhibitions).
Let the reception know you’re there for the event, and you’ll be granted free access!

Getting My Glow On

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 20 August, 2017

Highlighter, “Light Reflect”, Inika. 

The glow my skin had in France is gone and so is the clear head I found myself having while surfing. That’s why these two are my best friends at the moment. The highlighter makes my early morning skin glow, and the book helps me keep track on all my thoughts and to-do’s.

Timeless in Tôteme

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 18 August, 2017

This might sound a bit confusing, but when we were in France, Andre and I had a little wedding ceremony of our own. This weekend however, we’re doing the legal wedding in Stockholm city hall!

In France I wore this amazing dress from beautiful and timeless brand Tôteme. I really love it and might have to invest in the black version as well, since the cut and fabric make it sort of perfect.

Or what do you think?

Why and How I Started Surfing

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 16 August, 2017

Every now and then people ask me how I started surfing, so I thought I’d share the story about how surfing became one of the very best parts of my life.

I had just broken up with my long-time boyfriend and felt more than lost – I didn’t have a clue about what I was going to do with my life. Everything felt wrong: my work at Elle, going out and even living in Sweden. Around Christmas I went to Brazil for a month. I still felt completely lost, but life on a beach felt a lot nicer than Stockholm in December. The last week I got to borrow a board from a friend and paddled out. After catching my first wave my whole body was shaking for half an hour. The adrenaline was rushing and I could not stop smiling. The next day I bought my very first surfboard.

From that day I just knew that this was something I had to treasure, something that I HAD to hold on to. On my next trip I meet my husband (yes, we got married in France – can’t wait to show you the pictures!). He was supposed to be my instructor, but I didn’t listen to him much. We had a lot of fun next to each other in the water though, and I thought he was so beautiful on his surfboard. I can’t even describe with words how happy I am that we share the love of surfing. Surfing together with Dylan this summer was like an out of body experience and I thought: can one person bare this much happiness?

Surfing not only makes me feel more alive than anything else does, it also lets me the best version of myself. I have never felt this way about a hobby or sport. I actually think working out is really boring, but now that I have a goal (like getting stronger arms for paddling) I feel like doing it all of a sudden. All I needed really was a purpose for my exercise.

The only downside with surfing for me is that I don’t get to do it every day. But I hope that will change, some day.

One Small Person Can Do a Lot

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 15 August, 2017

One day in France when I was surfing, André and Dylan spent some time at the beach. Every now and then I looked over at them, and I thought that they where collecting seashells. They where not. The hour I surfed Dylan collected all this plastic lying in the sand and put it in this bottle. This bottle makes me both hopeful and sad. Sad, because adults around the world don’t know that by throwing trash in nature or in the oceans they are destroying the environment; hopeful, because I hope that the next generation won’t make the same mistakes we did. And I think we should all do our best to help our kids, and ourselves, to create a better future for all.

How Do We Stop the Feel-Good Shopping?

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 14 August, 2017

The past days back at work have been quite hectic, but this week I feel that I’m catching up. Finally my unread emails are down to only sixteen, and my to-do list has shrunken from a A4 to a post-it.

This summer I had a lot of time to think about how we live life and things like that, and here’s one of my thoughts: I always buy a coffee when I’m on the move, I’m always looking out for a new wardrobe find, and I just love buying things for Dylan or our home. Why is this?
Why do I feel happy when I’m shopping and HOW can I get rid of this feeling? Even if I buy most things second hand, I feel that we have more than enough already.

How do we shake this collective feel-good shopping habit of ours? Give me your thoughts!

Back Home

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 8 August, 2017

Surf Every Damn Day!

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 5 August, 2017

Dylan helped me wax my board the other day. I really can’t wait until I can surf-train with this little guy. We have already caught a few whitewash waves together, and I think he liked it!

Surfing every day makes me a so much happier person, and I really don’t want this holiday to end. That’s why we have promised ourselves to surf more when we’re in Sweden too.

Soap and Toothpaste

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 4 August, 2017

For the past month I’ve been using this toothpaste from Aesop, which I love, and the saltwater soap is an old favorite that I always bring on our travels. These are pretty much the only products I’ve been using for my daily beauty/health routine during our holiday.

A Night Out

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 3 August, 2017

Dress, H&M Conscious.

Yesterday we spent the night in San Sebastian, eating tapas and just enjoying the beautiful city. If you’re traveling to these parts of France, you should definitely pay the city a visit!

Another Postcard

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by Emma Elwin on 2 August, 2017

Here’s a little picture of my baby blue on the wall of Côte de Basque. This board gives me endless joy when dancing over the ocean floor.

That’s all for now!

Hi from a Post-Baby Belly!

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 1 August, 2017

It has been a while since I wrote the post about my relationship to my new body. I still have days when I feel that I just want to hide the marks, but it doesn’t happen as often.
The respons I got on my previous post made me feel so happy, but also a little bit sad. For instance, one woman wrote me that she hasn’t dared to wear a bikini for 20 years..! Reading comments like these really made me think about all of the unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves, and so I thought – why don’t we all just show off our beautiful life-giving bellies, starting this summer?!

Time Out

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 31 July, 2017

Jeans, Secondhand/Peppermint park. T-shirt, American vintage/654.

The past days I’ve been keeping away from the computer, trying to focus on getting some quality time with André and Dylan. I do have some great pictures I’d like to show you though –I’ll make sure to post them tomorrow!

Shopping in Jean de Luz

Posted in Style
by Emma Elwin on 26 July, 2017

You know I try to buy things for my home and wardrobe second hand. So when a friend of ours told us about this great little second hand shop in Jean de Luz called “Peppermint Park” we just had to pay it a visit. I found two pairs of jeans and the perfect striped sweater from Busnel that I’ve been wearing every day for the past week.

Where in the world would I find your favorite second hand store? Hit me!

My wonderful friend and constant source of inspiration Amnah created this beautiful and very important magazine. I feel like I can’t describe it and its meaningfulness better than with these praising words from an article on i-D:

“If there were ever a time for a magazine like Cause & Effect, that time is right this very second. A hardbacked, soft-paged thing of beauty, it sticks two fingers up at the pale, male and slightly deranged political climate of the West right now, and instead puts marginalised identities centre stage. As the brainchild of Saudi Arabian editor-in-chief Amnah Hafez and iconic, queer man of the universe (and regular i-D contributor) Tom Rasmussen, Cause & Effect doesn’t tiptoe around race or gender or sexuality as most mainstream magazines do, but takes them as its primary subject matter.”

Issue One took almost a year to put together, and you can see why; the magazine’s long-reads and think-pieces sensitively tackle issues around body image, HIV activism, and what goes on in the wardrobe of a leather fetishist. Then there’s the contributor list, a roll call for some of the most exciting people in fashion and art right now; Vince Larubina is senior fashion editor, editorial photography is served up by the likes of Nadine Ijewere, Thurstan Redding and Gwénaëlle Trannoy, and the mag’s cover stars include NYC voguing legend and portrait photographer Kia LaBeija, as well as bad boy designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

Buy the magazine HERE!

No More Plastic

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 23 July, 2017

I got this bottle a few weeks back and love every aspect of it. It’s easy to bring along, it’s nice to drink from and it’s NOT made of plastic. Here’s a great article you should read on why a plastic bottle should not be an accessory of yours this summer.

Pale Baby Blue

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 18 July, 2017

I just hade to take a picture of these flowers matching my favorite surfboard! Isn’t this a pretty sight? Right now, we are preparing a vegetarian barbecue and a big salad to get ready for tomorrow’s waves.

Surf Days are Good Days

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by Emma Elwin on 17 July, 2017

I wish that surfing was a part of my daily routine: Morning surf, coffee and work. I’m already planning the next surf trip in my head! It really is addictive.

One Year as a Parent

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 16 July, 2017

I really don’t know where to start… The days are flying past me and it feels like it was yesterday that we first brought him home. At this point, he is eating with a fork, and he takes my hand to pull me along when he wants to show me something. There are already a few names and words that he likes to repeat. His favorite thing at the moment is to whisper ”quiet” as he puts his finger over his mouth. Another thing I really love is this new tender side he’s showing. I now get so many kisses and cuddles, and it warms my heart like nothing else. He’s changing everyday and loves to explore everything around him.

How I have changed in this past year? This is really just a guess, since it’s too close in time still to see things clearly, but I think that I’ve become more at ease with things that I cannot control. I also feel like multitasking has a whole new meaning. At the same time as I feel that I’ve settled into this new role as a mother, I also feel that my worries have completely changed direction. Dylan is so active and curious—a side I love about him—but will others see him this way? Will he get to be this ball of energy, or will life beat it out of him to make him fit the norm? These are the kinds of questions that occupy my mind at the moment, but not in a stressful way, I just think it’s good be on ones toes. Other that that, I feel pretty much the same as I ever did, strange ha?

The Small Things

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by Emma Elwin on 15 July, 2017

It really is the small things that make life large, right?

We are now living our surf dream here in France. Almost every morning, we go to buy croissants and take a walk to the ocean for a surf check. And almost every night we sit out on the terrace after dinner for a game of cards and a cup of tea with mint leafs we’ve picked from the garden. The mint tea and croissants really are the cherries on top of our beautiful days!

Jeans, second hand. T-shirt and shirt, Filippa K. Knitted sweater, Wood Wood.

I read an article the other day about how much time we spend on getting dressed in the morning. Not only do we waste time doing this, it also causes stress and takes up a lot of your brain activity.
I don’t know if you recognize yourself in this, but I most certainly do. I often wish that I had a school uniform to wear for work. I’ve never been the type of person who can pick out an outfit the night before—I always end up changing it in the morning anyway. I hate that this is an issue for me, and it makes me feel superficial and vain.
In another article I read that successful and intelligent people wear the same outfit everyday, just to save time and headspace (I’m guessing they keep doublets…?). So I spent some time looking through my own wardrobe, just to try and figure out what garments would work for an outfit that I could wear every day for the rest of this year.
The first question I asked myself was: “What color doesn’t show stains too much and is less likely for me to get sick of?” My answer: black or navy. The next question was: “Jeans or slacks?” Well, jeans would be more practical, for sure, but slacks would give a better impression in for example important meetings. Since I’d say I’m more practical than stylish, I decided on jeans—black ones.
To dress up the jeans I first decided on a white oxford shirt, but then realized I would feel a bit stiff only wearing a shirt, so I ended up putting a black t-shirt underneath. And since I’m living in the cold North, I have to bring a knitted sweater pretty anywhere I go. This timeless cashmere crew neck would be perfect for this.
So, this outfit really is three looks in one, and with different accessories I’d say the amount of looks I could achieve are endless.

What outfit would you pick to wear for the rest of the year?

Going Going Gone

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by Emma Elwin on 10 July, 2017

We’re only hours away from doing what we love most: surf, eat, sleep and repeat. I’ll share some pictures as soon as we’ve gotten settled in!

The Thrill of Vintage Furniture

Posted in Life
by Emma Elwin on 8 July, 2017

My house is finally starting to come together!

The crown jewels of my kitchen are these chairs from Børge Mogensen that I found on an auction. I’ve said this before, but getting all our furniture second hand has been such a thrill. We’ve found so many beautiful pieces—and saved a lot of money!

Tencel Polo Shirt + Blue Jeans

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by Emma Elwin on 7 July, 2017

I think this might be the perfect outfit for Swedish summer weather: Tencel polo shirt and worn down jeans. The shirt comes from one of my favorite brands, Filippa K, and I’ve had the jeans for about 7 years. Moments after this picture was taken I accidentally ripped the knee open, but luckily that was nothing my brilliant tailor couldn’t fix!

Second Hand Baby

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by Emma Elwin on 6 July, 2017

I always try to get Dylan’s clothes second hand. Sometimes I come home empty handed, but sometimes I find amazing pieces—like these two. The cotton shirt is light as a feather and the dungarees are made from a fabric that won’t break for nothing!

Cute, right?

The Filippa K Basket Bag

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by Emma Elwin on 5 July, 2017

Basket bag, Filippa K.

Sunshine calls for summer-appropriate accessories, and the basket bag truly is a holiday staple. Whether you’re lounging poolside or going for a trip to the French market, a sun-bleached straw shopper is your perfect go-to. If you shop for more than 300€ in any Filippa K store, this beautiful and timeless custom Filippa K beach bag will be yours (limited availability)!

And hey, don’t forget to check out Filippa K’s brilliant concept Lease the Look that is offered through Filippa K’s online stores in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Renting a garment for four days will cost you no more than 400 SEK, and the price includes transportation and laundry—perfect if you need a dress for a summer wedding!

Feature in collaboration with Filippa K.

Packing Light

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by Emma Elwin on 1 July, 2017

The past few years I’ve developed the habit of traveling with cabin luggage only. This is mainly due to my fear of losing a bag full of my favorite garments, but also because of the ease in not having too many things to choose from in the morning. The idea of “the perfect traveling wardrobe” thrills me, and I like the idea of getting as many outfits as possible out of the smallest amount of clothes. So, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces that I’ll bring on my journeys this summer.

Would you make it through a week with only the following in your bag?

Aikido Pro/Bianca Jagger

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by Emma Elwin on 30 June, 2017

A few weeks back I helped this new brand Wacay style their look book. I really love to work with the sort of timeless, high quality pieces that defines their design. The white pantsuit is my favorite look from the collection, and when I wear it I feel like an Aikido pro/Bianca Jagger!

Top Three Things I Treasure

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by Emma Elwin on 29 June, 2017

These are my three favorite items of the moment!

I found the shoes in a charity shop, and I really love the bead work on them. I hope there’ll be an occasion to wear them before summer is over (might be at my weeding, actually!) or I’ll just treat them as a piece of art and hang them on the wall of my wardrobe. The timeless black sunglasses from Céline and minty scented sunscreen from Aêsop are my best friends on a sunny day—I wouldn’t leave the house without either of them.

What are the materialistic things you treasure most right now?

Are We There Yet?

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by Emma Elwin on 28 June, 2017

I been living in this sweater for the past weeks.

“Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.” Epictetus

Sorry for throwing an “inspiring life quote” in you face, I just feel that these words might actually not be absolute bull. I would really love to be a better listener, but somehow the over-sharer in me always takes over the conversation and goes on and on, blabbing. This is something that I don’t like about myself and would love to improve. So, this summer I will try to speak less and listen more. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Sorry for being a bit absent here on the blog. The past days we have been on a midsummer holiday at Andrés parents house on the countryside—a well-needed break I might add. Dylan is going through another face of thinking that sleep is for suckers, so both André and me are more like zombies than actual people at this point. The only thing that keeps me going right now is the thought that I’ll soon be able to surf every day. I had to stop counting the remaining days, but (like a certain Carrie) I can’t help but wonder: ‘Are we there yet?’

One of Those Weeks…

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by Emma Elwin on 21 June, 2017

I’m having one of those weeks when the feeling of never being done is haunting me. I’m trying to focus on the fact that our summer holiday is just a few weeks away!

Stella is going on a little holiday herself to visit her mommy and grandmother. Can’t wait to see them all running around playing!

The Perfect Grey Wall Color

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by Emma Elwin on 20 June, 2017

The other week I spent a few days at this beautiful office. The grey walls and pink sofa gave me some well-needed inspiration for our guest room. Would love to find a similar organic grey color for my walls!

My All-Time Favorite Kick Flare’s

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by Emma Elwin on 19 June, 2017

Shirt, old one from Acne Archives. Trousers, Boob.

The trousers I designed for Boob have become my favorite go-to comfy-trousers! The other week I wore them with this breezy shirt and sandals—just like wearing sweatpants.

I Need a Touch Up!

Posted in Beauty
by Emma Elwin on 18 June, 2017

Since Dylan came along, getting ready has become sort of a sport. I try not to use that much make up, but since Dylan is teething every other week, getting a full nights sleep is but a memory. So I’ve been looking for something to make me look a little less like a sleepless mom-zombie.
I spent last weekend at the Yves Rocher store and found this foundation thing (I’m not sure what it’s called, hang on!) that’s a light foundation cushion, and I must say it’s magic. It looks super natural and is so easy to apply. One of the ingredients is Babassu oil, and my favorite thing about it is that it locks in moisture and doesn’t clog your pores!

Flowers From My Backyard

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by Emma Elwin on 17 June, 2017

I just spent some time in our garden trying to get rid of some weeds. This didn’t last very long though, since I lost myself in picking flowers. I have to admit that being able to put flowers from my own garden on the table is quite something.

Why I Love Second Hand

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by Emma Elwin on 16 June, 2017

Knit sweater, The Row/Vestiaire collective. Uncolored jeans, Filippa K.

Sometimes, trying to buy most things second hand can be frustrating. When you’ve fallen in love with the perfect garment, you think you’ll never find anything similar second hand. I did, and for days I was obsessed with finding something similar to this chunky knit—something I thought would be impossible. However, someone didn’t share my love for this sweater and so this time the fashion faith was on my side as I found this beauty on Vestiaire Collective for less that half of it’s original price!
This is why a wardrobe clean out is always a good idea. Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure (although I doubt anyone would call anything from The Row “trash”). Lisa, whom I first saw the knit on, has the exact same one and agrees it’s the perfect piece.

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