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Högsta bud —

Make it last will:

  1. Pay attention to inspirational projects, people and products within the fashion and beauty industries that are in some way more sustainable.
  2. Throw a light on various types of sustainability initiatives: from choice of materials and production conditions to recycling, customization and reuse.
  3. Make the idea of ”more sustainable fashion” more accessible and easier to understand – everyone can get involved in their own way!
  4. Offer popular access points to conscious, sustainable and/or ethical fashion and beauty.
  5. Put more sustainable fashion on the agenda in an inclusive way – without compromising the level of style and fashionability.
  6. Create a credible and meaningful dialogue between industry/brand and reader/consumer.



“Buy less, choose well, make it last,” as Vivienne Westwood said.


About 400,000 page views per month (desktop and mobile).


Fashion conscious, active and curious fellow human beings who are interested in how the fashion industry can become more sustainable through circular thinking. Mainly women in the ages 18-35.

Main channels

@wemakeitlast (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
@emma_elwin and @lisalovisa (founders’ private Instagram accounts)
Media partnership with Modern Women Media
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Lisa Corneliusson
Founder and editor-in-chief
+46 (0)736 52 77 87

Emma Elwin
Founder and fashion director
+46 (0) 739 57 22 33