Make it last will:

  • Pay attention to inspirational projects, people and products within the fashion and beauty industries that are in some way more sustainable.
  • Throw a light on various types of sustainability initiatives: from the choice of materials and production conditions, to recycling, customization and reuse.
  • Make the field of sustainable/ethical fashion and beauty more accessible and easier to approach – everyone can get involved in their own way, and every little helps.
  • Put sustainable fashion and beauty on the agenda in an inclusive way – without compromising the level of style and fashionability.
  • Create a credible and meaningful dialogue between industry/brand and reader/ consumer: sustainable business is smart business and provides an opportunity to create more value.

We are convinced:

  1. 01That it is possible to keep fashion standards highs and to care about sustainable fashion at the same time.
  2. 02That various kinds of sustainability initiatives all contribute to improving the fashion landscape.
  1. 03Making things less bad is better than doing nothing.
  2. 04An audience that cares about fashion also cares about the environment: it is in everyone’s interest to find a better balance.

Who we are












Emma Elwin is a stylist who has spent the last four years working as a fashion editor at ELLE and as a freelance consultant (she has regular assignments for Lindex, Kappahl and JC). Her blog is one of Sweden’s most popular fashion blogs – read by knowledgeable working women – and during the past few years Emma has increasingly put an emphasis on issues surrounding ecology and sustainability. She advocates taking the long-term impacts of style and shopping into consideration.


Lisa Corneliusson is the former editor-in-chief of Rodeo, and was previously a fashion journalist for daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter and public service broadcaster SVT. After five years in the same role, she sought new challenges and a new way to reawaken her interests in fashion and beauty using a new and urgent perspective. She now works for both Rodeo and Make it last.

Our vision

What we strive towards:

Make it last will contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry, where ‘fashion-consciousness’ does not just equate style awareness but also informed, conscious decisions and an increased accountability for environmental, social and financial choices.Make it last wants to raise the status of the sustainability debate in relation to the fashion and beauty industries and contribute to a greener fashion landscape by creating relevant communication channels between producers and consumers.

How we will get there:

Make it last strives towards making sustainability issues more urgent and inspirational for a broad target audience with an interest in fashion. We want to lower the bar to encourage people to be brave and gain the strength to become involved, and to throw light on various ways to think about sustainability: the goal is for the entire fashion cycle to be sustainable, but its various parts are also important – sustainable fashion can for example include choosing organic cotton or items made out of recycled materials, but it could also cover buying timeless fashion, and renting or swapping clothes instead of buying just-produced items.

The role we want to play:

Make it last wants to be the bridge between the various sustainability initiatives that exist in the fashion industry, and the readers that want to find a better balance between their environmental and fashion interests. We want to create a credible dialogue; guide the reader to an increased awareness of the impact of their decisions by communicating brands’ sustainability initiatives through popular, modern and relevant channels that actually reach the audience.We are inquisitive and know that there is always more to learn. We are humble in the sustainability debate and surround ourselves with various experts so that we can learn alongside our readers. We believe that everyone can become engaged in their own way, and are open to all opinions!

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