Make it last is a network of fashion creatives. 

We produce digital media content, consult brands and reach creative audiences.
Our speciality is style and sustainability, communicated via strong personalities.

Make it last sheds light on sustainability initiatives and inspires smart, conscious audiences to make greener, longer lasting choices – and to redefine what the luxury of fashion is. We believe sustainability is the guide to growth, both in regards to personal style and in a business sense.

With Make it last magazine as core, Make it last is also a creative agency. We produce digital media content and offer media expertise to clients aiming for progressive campaigns and visionary content that last over time.

We approach every project differently and work in small scale to produce authentic content.
We strengthen a global sisterhood by highlighting female talent.
We strive for progression and embrace change – with core values of sustainability, diversity and equality ever-present.
We cater to audiences who value curated content and whose interests transcend the traditional fashion system.


Emma Elwin is a stylist who spent four years working as a fashion editor at ELLE and as a freelance consultant. Her blog is one of Sweden’s most popular fashion blogs – read by knowledgeable working women – and during the past few years Emma has increasingly put an emphasis on issues surrounding environmental and social sustainability.

Lisa Corneliusson is a journalist who spent six years as editor-in-chief of Rodeo. Before that, she worked for daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter and public service broadcaster SVT. Longing for a new sense of purpose to reawaken her interests in fashion, she now works with Make it last and inspiration platform Space Matters.

Our extended network is full of creatives – stylists, photographers, models, casting directors, art directors, writers, editors, agents – who we happily engage in our different projects.


Don’t hesitate to contact us!

General enquiries
Lisa Corneliusson, founder and editor-in-chief, 0736 52 77 87,
Emma Elwin, founder and fashion director, 0739 57 22 33,
Ann Gustavsson, key account manager, 0730 26 86 77,

Our business partner:
Make it last works with Modern Women Media as its business partner, mainly to cross-publish creative content for wider reach.

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