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As you might already know, we’re partnering up with GANT this year to highlight their sustainability initiative, The 7 Rules by GANT, a year-long and beyond campaign that aims to inspire long-lasting relationships between wearers and their clothes – and how to make the clothes last longer. The 7 Rules include Rent, Reuse, Refresh, Remake, Repair, Regive and Recycle.

Today, we’re focusing on Remake – one of our absolute favorite ways of approaching circularity when it comes to our personal style. Because the ways of redesigning and repurposing our clothes are both endless and endlessly creative. Ranging from simple amendments transforming a garment – that you can do at home, without the help of a tailor – to advanced restructuring, the idea of Remaking clothes remains close to our heart and people who do it well, remodeling clothes to fit their personalities, are often our biggest inspiration when it comes to personal style.
Remake is a fashion genre creeping into the mainstream, as both established brands like GANT and a new generation of designers are increasingly concerned about the waste involved in the industry – and the possibilities of breathing new life into what already exists. In other words: exciting times ahead.

This week, we’re showing two simple ways of repurposing favorite garments. As big fans of oversized knitted sweaters, we enjoy transforming them to dresses in the summer. Another key item in our wardrobes is, tada, the white shirt, and there are so many amazing ways of customizing a white shirt into something truly unique. Check the out the films here – and share your favorite ways of Remaking your garments!

This post is published in collaboration with GANT. Join their sustainability journey here.

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