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Earlier this spring, our friends at GANT launched a global sustainability initiative aimed to inspire actions that make clothes last longer. Through The 7 Rules of GANT, the brand continues on its Never Stop Learning journey by addressing seven aspects that contributes to an increasingly circular fashion economy: Rent, Reuse, Refresh, Remake, Repair, Regive and Recycle.

The 7 Rules of GANT launched in mid-February (in fact, it was on Valentine’s Day), and as partners of the brand, Make it last hosted a GANT Talk on the subject of sustainable fashion and what it really means. We talked about important initiatives from the industry and why eco-conscious consumerism really matters. In March, GANT highlighted Reuse partly by auctioning out some of its most precious archival pieces on eBay, to the benefit of WaterAid. At the same time, customers were encouraged to pass along their own pre-owned GANT pieces via free auctions on Tradera.

Can you mend a small tear? Does the garment really need a wash?

Now, it’s time to dwell deeper into the world of Refresh and Repair. Because the simple truth is, just devoting a little time to caring for our garments can make a huge impact on their lifetime. Refreshing our clothes can significantly decrease the number of washes they need, and from a circularity perspective, repairs are obviously better than getting something new.

Ask yourself questions like, does it really need a wash? Perhaps airing the coat, overshirt or jeans is enough? Or; Does the whole garment need washing? Maybe treating stains on the garment individually is a better way to go. Pay attention to how you store your beloved garments. What does your knitted wool sweater need to stay well? (Probably it wants to be stored in something that keep the moth away, and not hanging, as that easily messes up its shape.) And take the few minutes required to mend small tears, whether you have a sewing machine or not. Can you cover up a stain on your favorite shirt with some application or embroidery?

In the films available here, we share our best ways of refreshing and repairing our clothes, and trust us, they are all doable in a matter of minutes. Add your best tip on how to keep garments fresh and updated in the comment section below!

Can you cover up a stain on your favorite shirt with some application or embroidery?

Ps. As of the start of this year, GANT offers lifelong repair on jeans sold from January 1st 2020!

This post is published in collaboration with GANT. Join their sustainability journey here.

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