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Pictured: Silk blazer handwoven in Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley, 100% Silk. Hand-dyed cotton dress made in Beirut, Super Yaya. Jacket in 100% organic twill with hand block-printed and hand-dyed motifs, Story MFG and hand-printed pants, Tigra Tigra. 

Believe it or not, but there are other stores dedicated to showcasing emerging and independent talent than MNZ that we are obsessed with. One is Toronto based 100 % Silk Shop, an online and physical shop highlighting brands with distinctive visions and thoughtful construction. The founder Lee Dekel wants to engage her community in a dialogue around the word ‘handmade’ and the unique stories behind each piece.

Except for the store, there’s a house line, one where Dekel experiments with traditional textile techniques from different places, for example Ghana (where she lived for a while working for a locally produced ready-to-wear brand called Osei-Duro) and Uzbekistan (for the spring 2020 collection, Dekel worked with fifth-generation ikat dyer and weaver Rasuljon Mirzaahmedov, the eldest son of a family in Bukhara who has specialized in gold embroidery for the last 70 years and Baba Issaka, a second-generation flag maker).

“The textiles that I work with have been around for centuries because they speak to the human spirit. I think it’s that kind of connection that changes people’s minds about fast fashion”, Dekel tells Vogue.

Give 100% Silk Shop a visit here and check out the collection here.

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