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It was a trip to Melbourne that inspired Isabel Theissen to explore more sustainable materials like natural linen as an option for the bath accessories she wished to create. Based near Portugal’s metropolis Porto at the time, Isabel connected with local manufacturers who still honored artisan craftsmanship to develop a line of luxurious yet eco-kind linen robes and soaps.

Isabel had a background as a digital marketer for fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Farfetch. When she moved to Portugal, she left the fast-paced fashion world and had more time for herself. She started caring more about what she consumed and how she treated her body and the environment. She started making small changes in her daily rituals and switched to natural, organic products, even making her own. It was the start of Tautanz.

You were inspired to explore more sustainable materials–linen specifically–during a trip to Melbourne. Exactly what about the Aussie vibe caught your eye? 
– I was simply intrigued by all the beautiful linen brands over there. Although linen originates in Europe, I hadn’t paid much attention to it until then. So, I started reading about it, about all the features that make linen such a sustainable and luxurious fabric. Most of the time, linen is stonewashed, which consumes a lot of water during the production process. As I was based near Porto at the time, where most of Europe’s traditional linen manufacturers are located, I decided to create a line of products with untreated linen. The soaps complete the series, creating a beautiful bath set.

… which we adore. Tell us more about these handcrafted soaps!
– I found this small natural soap-producer in the heart of Portugal. I visited them personally and fell in love with their beautiful work and values. It was important for me that the ingredients for Tautanz soaps were to be 100 percent natural and come from local suppliers. We don’t add artificial perfumes, preservatives or colors. Another thing I value is that our producer uses an artisan cold-press method. This preserves the properties of raw materials and is the most traditional and sustainable way of producing soaps. Each bar has its unique features.

As eco-friendly, fair and natural as possible–why are these features important to you?
– By merging ethics with aesthetics, Tautanz wants to enable consumers to make conscious choices in their everyday rituals without compromising the luxurious moments.

What is the big dream?
– Seeing Tautanz come to life is already a dream coming true. It connects me with lovely, interesting people who share my values and are on a similar journey of creating sustainable things that are made to last. While focusing on bath accessories, for now, I could imagine evolving Tautanz into a more holistic self-care brand. Currently, I’m working on a line of linen towels … I love the soft, light feeling of linen on your skin. I’m excited to launch them this spring!

Check out Amsterdam-based Tautanz here, and give them a friendly follow here.

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