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On Valentine’s Day, GANT launched a sustainability initiative, The 7 Rules By GANT, that sheds light on the single most important action a wearer of clothes can take, which is to cherish their garments and make sure they are used with joy for as long as possible, way beyond the seasons shaping the fashion industry of today.
With the initiative, GANT celebrates the idea of making clothes age gracefully and suggests ways of making this process both easy and joyful.

With ”the seven rules” set out by GANT, the consumer is invited and inspired to make wise choices about their clothes. The first of the seven Rs is Reuse, and it’s all about giving loved garments a chance to shine again and again. We’ve said this many times, but reusing garments is one of the best things you can do to act more sustainably in relation to fashion. It’s easy as that. And who better to highlight this than a brand whose heritage is a large part of its DNA?

GANT has made some timeless classics since its earliest days, and on 24 February 2020, the brand will auction out some of its most precious archival pieces on eBay, to the benefit of WaterAid. At the same time, GANT encourages customers to pass along their own pre-owned GANT pieces by offering free auctions through Tradera.

The auction initiative is a way for GANT to put emphasis on the durability and lasting designs that have characterized the brand since it was launched. Timeless, iconic pieces that very well can be worn over generations–and at the same time contribute to making the modern wardrobe relevant.

For a chance at making one of these vintage GANT items your own, simply click here and bid throughout the auction period. The auction goes live 24 February and ends on 1 March. Let’s hope you win!

And listen to Make it last founders are they talk about the future of fashion in the first ever GANT Talk podcast episode here!

Pictured above: Make it last founders Emma Elwin and Lisa Corneliusson in archival pieces from GANT. Emma is wearing a mustard Woolster overshirt from the early 60s. It’s a campus classic and was featured in several GANT ads from this era. Emma matches the Woolster with a beige pair of chinos from the mid 80s. Like shoulder pads and car phones the size of bricks, pleated-front chinos immediately call to mind the go-getter energy of the 1980, right?
Lisa wears a timeless Oxford shirt with a pair of green chinos, also from the late 80s – a real collector’s item. They feature a pleated front and, on the waistband above the back pocket, the much-loved logo of a dog smoking a pipe.

This post is published in collaboration with GANT.



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