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There are a lot of problems within the fashion industry, a lot, but we’re finally beginning to see some viable solutions to some of the obstacles that have so far been deemed unsolvable. One such problem is the inability to recycle garments made from mixed textile fibers; like everyone’s favorite stretch jeans, which are usually made from a blend of cellulose fibers (cotton) and synthetic fibers (polyester and elastane). As we haven’t had a scalable technical solution for separating those fibers so that they can be upcycled and made into new garments, the majority of mixed-fiber clothing are simply sent to landfills or incinerated once discarded. This is a waste and a loss. 

Thanks to multi-award-winning company Re:newcell (shoutout), we can finally say that even though we may still have 99 problems, the recycling bitch ain’t one. By developing their own patented process for recycling cellulosic textile waste (such as cotton and viscose) into a new material called Circulose, they’ve lived up to their vision of becoming a trailblazer for sustainability in the fashion industry. With this innovation, we’ll finally be able to close the loop (or at least a loop), while also reducing the production of virgin fibers, cutting way back on the water and chemical use, and preventing tons of carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

Re:newcell got some pretty powerful backers too, like H&M, which we know to be a big investor in textile innovations and technical solutions with the potential of driving change. H&M also happens to be the first brand to produce and retail a garment from Re:newcell’s breakthrough Circulose material. The flouncy and femininely cut dress above is part of their SS20 Conscious Exclusive collection, launching March 26th, and comes in a 100% viscose fabric made from 50% Circulose recycled from post-consumer denim, and 50% FSC certified wood. Re:newcell’s CEO, Patrik Lundström, calls this moment “a major milestone for fashion”, and we have no reason to disagree. 

If you’d like to know more, visit circulo.se or renewcell.com.

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