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Brand to Watch: J.Hannah Jewelry

Posted in Style
by Johanna Andersson on 30 January, 2020

J.Hannah is the eponymous label of Jess Hannah, a style blogger turned jeweler living in Los Angeles. With a content-first approach (hence the 246k Insta following?), she’s created a strong visual context for her mindfully made jewelry collection, which offers a contemporary mix of timeless classics and vintage-inspired pieces. And then there’s the 7-free nail polishes… (We’ll get to those in a minute.)  

The brand has been around since 2014, and even though Jess no longer crafts the pieces herself, she’s kept the production small and local. Having made Downtown Los Angeles her base (in convenient proximity to the city’s jewelry district), she’s placed production with vetted family owned and operated manufacturers in the area that craft the collections by hand. Working with the intention of making her designs into future heirlooms, she keeps strictly to 100% post consumer recycled 14k gold or Sterling silver (both durable, and infinitely recyclable), and all gemstones are also either recycled or ethically sourced and cut. 

Even though craftsmanship, timelessness and quality are all top priorities, sustainable practices are considered a company cornerstone at J.Hannah, and we like the way they talk about dealing with these issues holistically (read more about it here.) So, while keeping it local, they also work to minimize waste throughout their business, and hold their suppliers and manufacturers to high ethical standards. And, also importantly, they recognize the meaning of providing transparency, in order to stand up to the increasingly common problem of greenwashing. 

Now, about those nail polishes… In 2017, Jess decided to branch out with this cosmetic addition to her line of jewels. Tired of not finding the colors she wanted at the nail studios she frequented, she took things into her own hands. And from them came a collection of cool and consciously made lacquers named things like Chanterelle, Nectar, Miso, Artichoke and Marzipan – all looking as delicious as they sound, and all made with toxic free, cruelty free ingredients in the USA. 

So, did we sell you this brand or what? If you still haven’t checked them out, please do so here. And give them a follow!

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