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Here’s a news flash for you: Today, January 28, our favorite (it’s ok to be partial sometimes, right?) hosiery brand, Swedish Stockings, is expanding their product line with sustainable soft wear. That’s two words we couldn’t be more pleased to hear, ’cause when trying to make it through the Nordic winter (which lasts till April or so), you need to stay soft, comfortable, cosy – at all times – and this could definitely help with that.

So we’re happy to forward the company’s announcement, that the world’s first bike shorts and leggings made from 100% recycled materials have now seen the light of day (and that would be figuratively speaking if you live in Sweden where the sun is currently a no-show). These garments are part of a new Soft Wear line that will feature casual lounge wear, and launches at the same time as the rest of the SS20 collection, which you can see a few samples of below.

The full spring-summer collection is made from nylon and elastane that’s been 100% recycled from industry production waste. This is a sort of break through or a next-level move for the company, and its founder and CEO, Linn Frisinger, explains why with these words:

“As always, our styles are made of recycled nylon. However, we’re taking things one step further by making all of our SS20 styles out of recycled elastane in addition to the recycled nylon. By doing this, we’re proud to solidify ourselves as the leader within sustainable hosiery.”

Well done you. And don’t forget that Swedish Stockings also offer a recycling program where they collect your worn out stockings and upcycle them into new things. Sitting on a little inside info, we happen to know that successful experiments have been conducted were old nylons have been made into actual tables (really cool ones too) – so stay tuned for more on that.


Visit the Swedish Stockings website to check out the full SS20 collection today.

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