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Above: Solitaire Diamond Necklace, 100% reclaimed gold and lab-grown diamond, Norrfolks. Braided Knit Sweater, organic cotton and alpaca, Bite Studios.

As always, Christmas or not, we’re into luxurious and long-lasting fashion that’s been mindfully made from pure and precious materials; and such are the pieces we’ve selected for you here. Turning to some of our favorite brands for inspiration, this year’s wish list is topped by things like recycled nylon tights, jewelry made from repurposed metals, and cosy sweaters in fine, high-quality wool. Santa, please!

Now, just because it’s Christmas, we can’t just throw our conscious shopping behaviours out the window. So we made a little checklist with some hopefully helpful reminders:

1. Think about it twice, or thrice: “Is this a gift they’ll truly love?” If no, don’t buy it.

2. Keep the receipt, and don’t forget to offer it. The worst thing you can do is to give someone something they’ll never use.

3. Do some research: Read up on the brand and find out about materials and care instructions; then make a conscious purchase. 

4. Choose quality over quantity. We’d rather give one thing that lasts than several that won’t. 

5. Ask yourself: “Could I donate some money as a gift instead (or as well)?” In our world, this should be “gift of the year”, every year.

6. When doing your Christmas shopping, consider taking the bus, train, bicycle – or simply walk to the store. By not taking the car, you’ll reduce a garment’s total environmental impact with up to 22%.  

7. Even better: By choosing a second hand garment instead of a new one, you’ll reduce its total environmental impact with about 70%. 

8. Bonus: Could your gift maybe even spark a conversation about sustainability? It’s a clever way to segue into the topic.

Got some more ideas? Please share!

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Louisa Innovation Tights, recycled nylon, Swedish Stockings. Cross Body Bag, sustainably certified leather, Aagé. Moto Necklace, recycled Sterling silver, All Blues.

The Scrunchie, 100% satin silk, Refine. Teddy Shopper, “friendly fur”, Dagmar. Robotnik Sunglasses, 100% biodegradable, plant-based organic acetat, Filippa K.

Milano Scarf, 100% baby alpaca, Carcel. Seoul Ribbed Sweater, alpaca blend, Envelope1976/Net-a-porter. Classic Twisted Headband, satin silk, Sophie Buhai/Mr. Larkin.

Cuir Nail Polish, 90% natural and 10-free, Kure Bazaar/Reve En Vert. Closure Hoops, recycled Sterling silver, Sara Robertsson Jewellery. Handwoven Blanket, alpaca and organic cotton, Lauren Manoogian.

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