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Filippa K is launching an exclusive sweater made from 100% Swedish wool. Made in a limited run of 140 pieces, each is tagged with a unique number. The sweater is made with wool that was primarily discarded prior to this production. Filippa K worked with fellow Swedish brand Röjk to visit Norrby Gård in Eskilstuna to source the wool. Filippa K plans to increase their usage of Swedish wool in future seasons and source from more local farms, offering it at a stable price with established standards.

“When I first encountered this wool I thought to myself, ‘is this really the kind of wool we consider waste here in Sweden? There must be a better purpose for it.’ I wanted to show the world what a treasure this resource is, right here in our own country. I couldn’t have imagined that just two years later we have sweaters that everyone can buy made from this local wool,” says Claudia Dillmann, Head of the Swedish Sheep Association.

By using local wool, Filippa K is able to ensure good animal welfare, naturally raw organic material and a reduced carbon footprint. It also provides the brand with the opportunity to turn waste into a resource, supporting their framework of Circular Fashion.

In a classic beige hue, the sweater is designed for the cold winters of its homeland. Made in an oversized fit, it has a dropped shoulder and a length below the hip.

“Collaborating with other brands and finding synergy has always been part of our values at Filippa K, and this Swedish Wool project has taken this to a much deeper level. We are working closely with the farmers, shearers, head of the Swedish Sheep Association etc. and getting to know people we wouldn’t normally meet in a typical fashion supply chain. We’ve learned what breeds of sheep are here in Sweden and where they’re located, which wool is best suited to our products, how to put that wool to use, all in a way that can be scaled up,” says Jodi Everding, Filippa K Fabric/Trim Manager & Sustainability Coordinator.

Check out the sweater here.

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