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“The day we realized that the food that research proves is best for our health is the same food that scientists claim to be most climate friendly, we realized that we had to add this aspect to everything we do.” 

What is good for our bodies is also good for the planet. It’s a simple, logical fact stated by two of our favorite food and health inspirations, Mia Clase and Lina Nertby, and yet it feels revolutionary in a way; like it could really make a difference if people started thinking of themselves as part of a whole (the Earth) – realizing that life is about co-existence rather than exploitation.

With their third book Näringsjägaren (The Nutrient Hunter), the duo behind Food Pharmacy take their quest to inform on the importance of having a healthy gut flora (read more about their philosophy here) beyond just the field of personal wellbeing and connecting it to the welfare of this planet.  

In this book we embark on the biggest expedition of our lives, to address the most pressing issues of our time: public health and the health of the planet,” explains Lina Nertby, Food Pharmacy co-founder. “The question we’re asking is: How can food help make both us and the planet healthier? This book contains vital facts presented with quite a bit of humor in true Food Pharmacy spirit, as well as the world’s first Nutrient Hunter Compass, which helps you along on your everyday quest.” 

We know it’s not as simple as that, but we have to ask: Do you think we could help save the planet just by eating more greens?

– Well, we know for sure that we can’t continue eating as much meat as we do today. In fact, food – and the entire agricultural sector – should be the first issue on the agenda at the global climate conferences.

In this book we embark on the biggest expedition of our lives, to address the most pressing issues of our time: public health and the health of the planet.”

 How can we inspire more people to make the switch to greener and healthier eating habits?

– People tend to believe it’s difficult to eat more greens, and that it takes a lot of time to prepare and cook veggies. Some are also afraid that they won’t get full. Our advice is to take baby steps, and start by adding three different colors of veggies to you next meal, and then the meal after that… Slowly, your body will start to crave more veggies and then, all of a sudden, you’ll discover that most of your plate is covered with greens.

How would you say that your commitment to sustainability has evolved since starting Food Pharmacy? Earlier this year you launched “Hållklarhetspodden”, for example – a podcast that addresses many important issues.

– When we started Food Pharmacy, it was for personal health reasons and not for saving the planet. But the day we realized what a big impact our eating habits have on the planet, we knew that we had to consider that aspect too. This is one of the reasons why we wrote Näringsjägaren, and today, all recipes – both in the book and on foodpharmacy.se – are carbon calculated.

What are some of the positive outcomes you’ve seen as a result of your work so far, and what are your hopes for the future?

– Our mission is to improve the public health. Five years ago, it was just me and Lina sitting in Lina’s kitchen writing our first blog post with shaking hands. Today we’ve written three best-selling books – the first book is translated into 15 languages – and millions of people all over the world know who we are. We wake up every morning with the goal to get more members to join our hunt, and hope to inspire more people, globally, with our positive message.


Check out Food Pharmacy here, shop the new book, and listen to their podcast

Ps. How cute is the “Food Pharmacy dog”, Taxi, featured above? Seems to be a veggie-lover too!

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