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For the past years, our co-founder Emma Elwin put a lot of effort into trying to perfect her wardrobe. She wants it timeless, anxiety-free and made to last. At this point, she feels she’s kind of figured out the art of building a wardrobe that lasts over time. So when Lindex asked us to team up for them as a part of their concept Your Smart Wardrobe, which is meant to make our everyday life easier, we didn’t hesitate.

“I’ve learned so much during these past five years with Make it last,” Emma says. “For me building a smart wardrobe means to only invest in things I feel truly comfortable in. I buy less newly-produced than before, and when I do, high quality and timeless design are musts. And every addition to my wardrobe has to fit in with the rest of its contents. I actually have fewer garments now than ever, yet getting dressed has never felt more easy or fun.

Emma describes building a perfect wardrobe as a life-long project. “In my twenties, I felt so lost and my wardrobe was not a happy place, but instead a place where I would get lost every morning. When I turned twenty-five I realized that I could no longer buy things for a life I wish I was living, but for the life, I had to dress for every morning.”

So she took to the act of really evaluating her wardrobe, asking a few key questions. Which colors made her feel confident? Which materials were her favorites? What cuts brought out my silhouette? From there, she made a commitment that every new garment needs to fit with at least ten other garments that I already own, color- and fit wise.

Today, Emma has a wardrobe that works with a shredding beige pug and a messy three-year-old. Over the coming weeks, Emma will be showing you some key pieces to her smart wardrobe. First up is the white shirt, as shown above. “The white shirt is my default garment and I wear it for work, weekends and parties. It’s truly one of my go-to garments,” Emma says.

I love to wear it with my favorite jeans, or like this, paired with an off-white pair of trousers in a sort of monochrome look. The white shirt is like the chameleon of my wardrobe, with some jewelry and heels it’s ready for dates and dinners. I love wearing it to the beach over my swimsuit and under a cashmere sweater in the wintertime.

Shirt, & trousers Lindex Better cotton. In collaboration with Lindex

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