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You might know that we (read I) have a thing for all things Danish at the moment; in addition to all things sustainable, that is. So when something Danish and something sustainable come together, we are obviously the first to give our praise. So here’s the news:

The internationally talked-about Copenhagen-based fashion brand Ganni has very sensibly teamed up with another favorite of ours, Swedish Stockings. Praise be. And quite obviously, the outcome of their collaboration is…stockings – high-quality, fashion-forward, sustainable stockings – made from recycled nylon yarn, as is the Stockholm brand’s famed go-to material

As you can imagine, this is no ordinary, understated legwear in sheer blacks and nudes. Far from it. This is eye-catching hosiery with a great measure of Copenhagen-cool, signed Ganni. We’re talking leopard prints, checks, florals and a warped camouflages, all meant to be mixed and matched with the rest of the brand’s fall 19 collection, which does include the usual interfusion of vivid colors and patterns.

Not a sustainable brand per se, but increasingly conscious and committed (especially as an associate partner of Global Fashion Agenda), Ganni is not one to shy away from the cold facts. The brand’s Creative Director, Ditte Reffstrup, states that she was quite upset when she found out what negative impact the conventional hosiery industry has on the environment, which is much due to the use of petroleum (fossil fuel), and she says:

“I was shocked and had no idea how harmful an effect making regular stockings had on the planet. They’re such a fashion essential, that you reach for every day and so often have to throw away due to wear and tear. So we wanted to shout it loud. Using Swedish Stockings expert eco-friendly dying process, we put a Ganni spin on the everyday with fun, eclectic prints to bring something a little different to the mix than just your regular black stockings.”

So, come September, Ganni-girls all over the world will – knowingly or unknowingly – be making a double statement in their new fashion-forward/eco-friendly hosiery. If you’re considering joining them, here’s a little reminder: 1) Always wash synthetic materials, like nylon, in a washing bag to avoid releasing microplastics into nature. 2) Join the Swedish Stockings Recycling Club and send them your worn out pantyhose for recycling.
Be a responsible consumer. That’s all.


The co-lab collection will be available in September via Swedish Stockings’ and Ganni’s own retail and select wholesale retailers.

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