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Above: Mold Jar Set, Weck/Artilleriet. Bulk Bags, June Home Supply.


It’s a fact that a lot of the plastic products we use in the kitchen release toxins and hormone disturbing substances when heated, or when in contact with fats, which then find their way into our systems via our food and drinks. And where there is plastic, there is also the risk of microplastics escaping into nature where they do great harm. So this summer, we’ve been exploring some new ways of further reducing, or rather eliminating, the disposable and single-use plastic in our kitchens.

Lately, there have been some pretty clever zero-plastic solutions for storing food surfacing in our favourite eco stores  that are non-toxic, durable and long-lasting. A couple that we find particularly interesting are these silicone covers that you use on, for example, halved fruits and veggies or lid-less bowls and glasses – instead of plastic film. Or these reusable pinch-lock bags that make one-off plastic ones seem like an even bigger joke than it already is. 

Now, is silicone better than plastic you might ask? Well, in some ways. From what we can find out, food grade silicone – made from silicon (no e), a substance found in sand – is completely food-safe and toxic-free (read more here and here). Compared to disposable plastic, food grade silicone is infinitely more durable and can be used pretty much endlessly (or at least for super long). It’s dishwasher and microwave safe, and can even be boiled, used in the oven, or stored in the freezer! On the downside, however, recycling possibilities seem rather limited, and it’s not biodegradable, so while silicone may have many advantages over plastic, it’s not perfect but rather a step in the right direction. 

Anyhow, with a couple of these new inventions, as well as some airtight glass jars, produce bags that you can bring to the store, and reusable food wrappers (click here for vegan version), we’d no doubt be able to cut way back on the plastic. Every little thing counts, so let the plastic detox continue!

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Reusable bag, silicone, Stasher/Jordklok. Beeswax Food Wrap, Abeego/Jordklok. Drawstring net bag, organic cotton, Keepjar/Lapland Ecostore.

Organic Cotton Produce Bag Set, Natural Linens Boutique/Goop. Reusable Food Savers, silicone, Food Huggers/Med24. Reusable Food Wrap, Bee’s Wrap/Lapland Ecostore.



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