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Air conditioning takes a lot of energy and is hardly the most sustainable way to keep cool during summer. Classic wood-and-fabric fans, on the other hand, sort of are. Even though they require a bit of manual labor, they do the job while also making you look rather chic, so it’s a double win we’d say.
Perhaps you remember our Brand to Watch feature on Fern Fans? A now two-year-old brand run by co-creative directors Daisy Hoppen and Amanda Borberg. The fan-favoring duo is just about to get themselves a much broader audience thanks to the newly launched collaboration with high street fashion brand & Other Stories (they’re on a roll, wouldn’t you say?), and we’re rather intrigued.
It’s a very lovely co-lab, if truth be told, with beautiful hand-painted prints and colors; traditional, yet with a modern sensibility. The limited-edition collection (when will all collections be everywhere and always? Stop the overproduction already…) is made up by five birch wood and cotton fans produced in a family-run factory in Spain – the same one Fern usually works with, we’d assume (?).
Have a look here; but do consider whether you’d actually use it, love it, keep it, care for it, before adding to bag. Standard procedure. We do imagine it would be quite a lifesaver during summer’s weddings and parties though, so we can’t say we’re not tempted.


Visit Fern Fans here and follow them here.

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