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Above: Sip Glass Straws, Hay.

Summer has arrived, and along with it comes mountains of single-use plastic lids, cups, cutlery, food packaging, and oh so many straws… and one plastic straw for every beverage you’ll drink to keep your cool quickly adds up to an environmental disaster. So while awaiting the European ban of this particularly unnecessary, damaging and wasteful type of plastic – which will actually come into force by 2021 in all EU member states (!) – we’re taking matters into our own hands.

Here’s what we suggest: No plastic straws all summer (and beyond). Are you up for the challenge?

And let’s make it a collective effort. Involve your friends, partners, parents, kids and colleagues. Explain to them that more than 80% of the marine litter is made up of plastic, and by avoiding single-use plastic in particular, we’ll spare the 22 billion euros that would otherwise be spent on saving the environment from plastic pollution in the next ten years.

Now, it would be crazy to expect from anyone that they should make it through an entire summer completely straw-less (we too love a straw from time to time), so let us introduce some much more sustainable and better-looking reusable alternatives made from long-lasting and eco-friendly materials like steel, glass and bamboo. Plastic polluting drinks, no more.

Shop the Reusable Straws

Glass Straws, June Home Supply. Gold Stainless Steel Straw, Urban Outfitters. Glass Straws, Serax/Goop.

Bamboo Straw, Humble Brush/Laplandecostore. Stainless Steel Straws, June Home Supply. Glass Straws, Granit.

Stainless Steel Straw, Qwetch/Laplandecostore. Bamboo Straws, Bamboo Straw Girl x Goop. Straw Brush, U Konserve/Laplandecostore.

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