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A lot of great beauty initiatives, focusing on sustainabilty, gender-neutrality, better packaging, better ingredients and blurring boundaries are starting up in Scandinavia right now. One of them is No Society, launched by a Swede with a history within the global beauty industry. No Society has a special place in its heart for vegan skincare – but offers fashion related products too. Make it last speaks to founder Carl Falkenberg.

What’s your background and what made you decide to launch No Society?

– My background lies primarily within the global beauty industry, where I’ve had the possibility to work with and learn from great people. I started NO SOCIETY because I want to create a brand that makes people feel good when they think about us and our products, and ultimately a brand that also does good. We embrace diversity and individuality and challenge outdated ideals. Our vegan Skin Care products are developed and sustainably manufactured in Stockholm. The product packaging is primarily made of recycled materials and sugar cane fiber, fully recyclable. Our lifestyle-oriented products are primarily manufactured in Italy and Turkey, made of organic cotton.

It may sound a bit naïve and cheesy at this stage, but we want to try lead by example and show it’s possible to manufacture great accessible products with sustainability top of mind. There are some other brands, some in the fashion industry, that work operationally and strategically with sustainability – we want to join forces with them and influence others (companies and consumers).

How come your brand is called No Society, what does it mean to you?

– The way we interpret NO SOCIETY is, simply, a place where there are no such thing as ideals and norms. NO SOCIETY is where everyone is welcome and no one is the same. For us, that is exactly where true beauty and identity resides.

What makes your skincare products special?

– What makes our products differentiate themselves from others is, except being vegan, unisex and produced in Stockholm, that they are driven by our go-to-market strategy. Since we don’t sell our products through external retailers at this stage, we can invest more in to the quality of our products and also keep the price democratic.

In terms of product launches, what are your plans for the nearest future?

– At this stage, we hope people appreciate our initial products. Of course we want to innovate more and make great sustainable products accessible for everyone. With that said, we don’t want to launch products that don’t fulfill a real purpose.
In regards to our fashion related product portfolio, we have launched products such as the Barely Notable Key wallets, the classic All Day Tube socks made of fine organic cotton and our Tote bags. And we’re manufacturing more products as we speak. They will be launched shortly so stay tuned.

Visit No Society here and follow here.

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