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Ever felt like soaking in a tub of coffee just to feel awake and energized, or even better: look it? You can of course drink loads and loads of it – even though it’s definitely best enjoyed in moderation (as all things) – or you can “inject” it through your skin. What sounds better to you?

If you want to give your complexions a caffeine hit the equivalent of a morning espresso on an empty stomach, an all-natural coffee scrub should be your next purchase, and we know just the brand. Trying to keep it local, we just had to aim a bit further south to find a company that uses upcycled coffee grounds as their key ingredient for a three-product line of natural and eco-friendly skin care. Memorize this name: Grums Aarhus.

This Danish company collects organic coffee grounds from local coffee shops, cafés and restaurants to use together with other nature-derived ingredients for their products – a raw espresso face scrub + mask, a raw coffee body scrub, and a raw coffee hand scrub + wash – which by the way all come in partially biobased plastic packaging. The names tell what kind of coffee has been used, drip or espresso; ’cause size matters. 

So, why coffee? If you’re a DIY:er, you might already be recyling your coffee grounds in the shower and loving it. If not, let us give you some know-how (courtesy of Grums). According to this brand, only 1% of the yummy nutrients from the beans end up in your cup of coffee, which implies that the remaining 99% are left in the grounds; meaning loads of antioxidants at your command. We need these little troupers to fight off the free radicals that damage the skin and create imperfections, like dark spots and lines. Hello glow.

And as you might have guessed, coffee grounds have the consistency of a perfect exfoliator, and when used in a scrub it buffs off dead skin cells and boosts the reproduction of new ones. The caffeic acid is also said to increase the collagen production, and yes this is definitely something we want, and need. Honestly. Firm and elastic skin for all. Together with the antioxidants, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, which reduces redness and evens out the skin tone. Singing: I woke up like this, I woke up like this.

The great thing about using coffee grounds from a sustainable point of view is of course that it replaces the seriously awful and environmentally damaging plastic microbeads sometimes found in conventional scrubs. Steer clear of such horrors, we’re telling you. A little coffee (probably?!) never hurt nobody, and it’s definitely way better than washing microplastics down our drains.  

Final point: scrubbing is simply awesome for you. You probably already know, but it stimulates blood circulation, possibly reducing some cellulite too, and helps to flush out toxic waste from our systems. Amen. Adding coffee only makes it better – just like in life.

Except for the Grums products, we’d love to try out these coffee body scrubs from Skin and Tonic and Sister & Co. Happy scrubbing.


Visit Grums Aarhus here and follow them here.

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