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Only 22 percent of KICKS' costumers recycle their cosmetic waste. Let’s talk about it and change our behavior together, says KICKS with their new initiative.

Did you know that 50% of KICKS’ customers do not know where to leave their cosmetic waste? When KICKS carried out a poll about cosmetic waste among 1,500 respondents, the results were, if not surprising, a little worrying.

While the respondents were generally good at recycling paper, plastic, metal and batteries, a significant majority weren’t sure of what to do with their cosmetic waste.

Let’s spell it out to sort out any confusion: Cosmetic waste needs to be sorted and recycled–not thrown in the bin!
Empty packaging can be sorted by material, like glass, plastic, paper or metal. Packaging with leftovers however, like perfume, nail polish, nail polish remover, hair or brow coloring products, hair removers and hair spray contain substances that shouldn’t be poured into the toilet or thrown into household waste.

As one of the leading actors in the beauty market in the Nordic region, KICKS works intensely to lessen its environmental footprint and considers customers’ handling of cosmetic waste a part of its areas of concern. A mission to increase recycling availability was initiated with Stockholm Water and Waste in 2017, enabling customers to return cosmetic waste to selected KICKS stores in Stockholm. The initiative was well-received–as a lot of us struggle to make it to recycling stations accepting cosmetic waste–and is now being scaled to stores around the country.

Follow the work on KICKS.se.

The survey on recycling of cosmetic waste habits was carried out by KICKS in collaboration with NEPA in March 2019. 1,498 members of KICKS’ customer panel participated. This post is published in collaboration with KICKS. 

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