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“...our ambition with the ideas and concepts we put in the magazine is not to contribute to sales, but rather to contribute to culture.”

With the second issue of New Magazine, “New Two”, launching on April 17th, we asked to raid the minds of the creative duo behind the independent print publication. Stockholm-based photographer Frida-My Sundqvist, who’s also behind our latest Edit, and graphic designer Linnea Mesko are two best friends in pursuit of creative freedom, and they make a great team. Through the exploration of multiple artistic disciplines – art, photography, poetry, illustration, design, fashion, writing, painting – they gather like-minded creators to collaborate around a conceptualized theme. This time it’s all things “two”, and it’s up to the reader to figure it out.
Going against digitalization by investing in a print product, their ambition is to create a physical object of relevance that can last over time, way beyond trends or seasons. We asked them to elaborate.    

Big question: Who are you?

Frida-My: Maybe we should introduce each other? To me Linnea is the best graphic designer I know and an amazing art director currently working at All Blues. Linnea and I are the same person and each others opposites at the same time, which I think makes us great. We’re sharing new ideas and concepts every single day, which was kind of the beginning of New; we wanted to do something with the ideas instead of losing them deep in our messenger conversations.

Linnea: Frida-My is an amazingly talented photographer mostly working within fashion. Besides being an amazing friend and colleague, she’s truly a young aspiring woman to watch.

New Magazine is your mutual project, what can you tell us about it?

Linnea: We’ve always enjoyed working together, and this always turned out great, so we felt the urge to share a permanent project. All we do with and within New, we do with passion; it’s a platform that enables us to be free and try out new ideas, and to invite people we admire to do the same.

Frida-My: The magazine is an independent publication made with the perspective that print products are more than ink on paper. The design of the magazine as an object can only be experienced in the physical world in order to show the possibilities of print as an art form.

Except for being an independent print magazine with a consistent conceptual focus on art and culture, each issue is standalone and based on a given theme that is thoroughly reflected in both content and design. In this way, each edition becomes something completely new, hence the magazine’s name. It’s also printed on recycled and unbleached paper made locally in Sweden.

In order to promote sustainability, you say it’s your ambition to make a magazine that’s unbound by seasons. How is this achieved, and why is it important to you?   

Linnea: I think most agree that fashion is too fast-forward. We’re not interested in consuming fashion by season privately, and therefore not interested in portraying only the latest pieces in the magazine. I love consuming fashion with a long-term approach, which is why it feels natural to showcase the same mindset in New. Also, our ambition with the ideas and concepts we put in the magazine is not to contribute to sales, but rather to contribute to culture.

Frida-My: We want to create a product that lasts – a conceptual magazine where you can find inspiration from different art forms and be inspired over time. Therefore we think showing fashion unbound by season, combined with high fashion and second hand, will reflect more of the future than just the next season.

The goal is to create one issue per year, but every number is based on concept so you never know; the next one might be a fashion show, and the one after maybe an exhibition. New can be anything, but it will be new.

If you could change the fashion industry in any way or speed up progression, what would you do?

Linnea: Change the perception of what it means to be successful to something that isn’t connected to fame or money but rather about being truly thoughtful and passionate about your work.

Frida-My: To keep it close: hire more female photographer assistants! In my school class we were 15 female and 3 male photographers, and it’s been pretty much the same for the past years. Yet there are barely any female photographer assistants and therefore very few female photographers represented by the agencies.

At the moment, there are just two equal photography agencies in Stockholm, gender wise. Should we guess why this is: because photographers, mostly men, choose to invest in male photographer assistants and the agencies don’t care? 

What are your plans going forward?

Both: At the moment, the only thing we can think about is our release party at the At Six hotel. We are super excited to meet and celebrate together with our contributors and friends. We can’t wait! Also, we can tell you that the next issue is already in progress.


The release party for New Magazine’s “New Two” issue will be at design hotel At Six in Stockholm on April 17 between 6-11 PM if you want to join. The duo promise something special: “We are very excited and honoured that GRANT has written a song specially for this issue that she’s performing live for the first time at the event. We can’t wait for that moment.”

Pre-order your issue of New Magazine here and follow them here.

Above: New Magazine founders Frida-My Sundqvist and Linnea Mesko by Moa Liverstam. 


Work from New Magazine “New Two” featured in this article:

“Stuck With You”, Frida-My and Linnea Mesko.
“Double Trouble”, Angelina Bergenwall.
“Hot and Cold”, Alma Charry.

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