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Brand to Watch: Blanche

Posted in Style
by Johanna Andersson on 3 April, 2019

If we say contemporary fashion, what are your connotations? In our world, and in a modern-day context, we’d say it aught to refer to something quite the opposite of trend-based (total trigger word), that is consciously made and thoughtfully designed (we could add timeless, but what does it really say about the quality of the design?) in a way that feels relevant. Not over the top, but not boring. Sensible. Aware. Responsible. Mindful. Progressive. Respectful.

A contemporary brand to us has an open, educated conversation about sustainability and practises transparency throughout the entire business. They are honest about their shortcomings and share their goals and ambitions to do better. They raise awareness and have an active dialogue with their customer, making it easy for us to make well-informed decisions, also guiding us through the responsible ways of using, caring for and discarding of their products.

No brand is perfect, and few are even close, but our latest Copenhagen discovery (another one!) seems to be on to something. Blanche, meaning white in French, was founded in 2017 by Mette Fredin and Melissa Bech who both have long experience from the Danish fashion industry. With their own label, they’re clearly sharing our view on the meaning of contemporary, and have taken “a holistic approach to timelessness in fashion” (their words).  

“Our journey towards sustainability is driven by a desire to offer fashion consumers a sustainable wardrobe in its entirety. In order to improve our sustainable performance and push tomorrow’s agenda, we are working under the headlines: reduce, longevity and fairness.” reads their CSR manifesto.

Designed in Copenhagen and primarily produced within Europe in a sustainable manner, Blanche’s collection is based on a fundament of eco-conscious denim where a majority of the materials are either organic, GOTS certified or leftover fabric from the brand’s previous productions (a great way to cut the waste). As an extension of the denim baseline, the brand also offers more elaborate ready-to-wear pieces coming in luxe qualities like cashmere, Merino wool, and other fibers known to have a smaller environmental impact.

We’re definitely interested in seeing what they’re doing next. In the meantime: visit Blanche here and follow here to keep yourself up to speed.

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