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We feel lucky to have discovered HÅND (Danish for hand) – an up-and-coming soap and skin care brand that simply does it right. Created by Stine Tholstrup Schmidt, the all-natural and organic product line is so far made up by five bar soaps and one lip conditioner, and according to the company’s Instagram, an organic facial serum and cleansing balm is currently on its way.

There’s a simple sophistication to the products, which are just as aesthetically appealing as they’re beautiful on the inside: all soaps are crafted in small batches using organic oils and butters, essential oils and colors from plants or clay. What they don’t have, on the other hand, is palm oil, parabens, SLS/SLES, petrochemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, or animal products such as lard and tallow. This makes them 100% biodegradable, vegan and cruelty free.

The carefully selected ingredients are chosen for their beneficial, skin-enhancing properties and low environmental impact. The soaps are made and packaged in Nørrebro – a hip area right in the heart of Copenhagen – using a traditional “cold process method” that makes it possible to preserve the qualities of each ingredient.

How it works is by mixing fixed oils, like coconut or olive, with an alkali, like sodium hydroxide or lye, to create a chemical process called saponification, which gives the soap its solid form. The process is natural and when it’s done the alkali is no longer present – just lots of pure, natural nourishment.

Being mindful of the planet includes giving packaging some thought. Bar soaps are a great way of reducing plastic consumption, and wanting to keep that commitment throughout the product line, HÅND has chosen a glass container for their lip balm. What’s even better is that they offer refills at a 10% discount when you trade in your original container. That’s the future right there, people.

Visit HÅND here and follow here (their Insta is lovely!).

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