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I remember the first time I ate from a Hasami plate; the first time I had coffee from a Hasami cup. It was at one of my favorite local restaurants, and I remember feeling like I had never seen or touched anything so perfect in my life. The super minimalist shape, the natural and organic feel of the soft, matte surface; a subtle tactility that is the result of traditional glazing techniques blending the raw and natural properties of stone and clay.

The Hasami Porcelain line was originally designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise in Venice, California, who had the vision of creating contemporary tableware with an organic quality achieved through traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques. Being far from mass-produced or factory-made, the porcelain coming out of the Hasami village is instead marked by the organic nature of the production – a line of skilled hands belonging to specialized craftsmen – giving each product a unique character.

More than exceptional looks, the collection offers multifunctionality and practicality, two things to be valued in any type of design. Things must work in real life, be durable and, yes, aesthetically long-lasting too. Catering to this desire for timelessness and functionality, Hasami Porcelain has managed to cleverly combine utter simplicity with storage efficiency; the pieces are stackable, which makes them perfect for limited spaces (like small city apartments…).

If I were to invest (they are not exactly budget) in Hasami’s natural colored cups, plates, bowls, I doubt I’d ever tire. Talking timeless, I can’t imagine anything more in line with the true meaning of the word.


Visit Hasami Porcelain here to check out the collection.   

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