Tid kvar —

Högsta bud —

Have there ever been this many amazing artists (correction, female artists) working with the all-natural wonder that is clay? We’re so in awe of these talented women, that continuously feed our cravings and grow our inspiration.

If you don’t know Simone Bodmer-Turner, let us introduce you. Being Californian by birth, the 29-year-old now resides in Brooklyn, NYC, where her otherworldly works come to life through traditional and even ancient clay techniques; some of which she has picked up during ceramic studies in Japan and Mexico. The handbuilt sculptures reminds us of organic shapes found in nature or inside the body, yet seem taken from some other time and place.   

Favoring a neutral palette, Bodmer-Turner rather brings attention to the shape and feel of her vessels, giving a contemporary context to the timeless and traditional. It’s aesthetic perfection to the art-and-furniture obsessed (count us in!), and we just can’t stop looking, dreaming, wishing, hoping. 


Follow her dreamy feed on Instagram, or visit her portfolio here.  

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