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International Women's Day, Friday May 8, 2019.

We have interviewed so many women – entrepreneurs, designers, creative directors, artists, retailers, models – over the last couple of years, that all contribute in their own ways to making fashion, food, art, beauty, life a little bit more beautiful and sustainable. We want to celebrate them, and continue to strengthen the global sisterhood by highlighting all this female talent.

In honor of International Women’s Day, congratulations everyone, we thought we’d share some inspirational quotes by some of the brilliant minds that have contributed to making this site and community what it is. Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for making this world and space a much better place.

x Make it last

Amy, Caroline, Elin.

Amy Powney

Creative Director, Mother of Pearl

“As consumers we need to emotionally engage again with the product and give it the respect the craftsmanship deserves.”

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Caroline Walls


“Ultimately I aim not to transcribe, but rather imply femininity and all that this word can carry with it: strength, fertility, fragility, sexuality, burden and beauty.”

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Elin Larsson

Sustainability Director, Filippa K

“The idea to have a multi-speed wardrobe with a mix of short-life and long-life garments, new and second hand, rented and borrowed, is realistic, practical, and sustainable.”

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Evgenia, Hannah, Nuria.

Evgenia Fedoseeva


“Working in the fashion industry, I’ve realized that my love and respect for second hand not only has to do with its uniqueness, but also relates to the fact that it’s a more environmentally friendly and ethical way of consuming everyday fashion.”

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Nuria Val

Founder of Rowse Beauty

“I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of plants. From beauty to health to nutrition, plant-based solutions can truly improve our lifestyle.”

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Hannah Richtman

Founder of The Break

“Every vintage purchase you make, you are actively preventing harmful waste and adding something gorgeous and unique to your wardrobe. Recycling is not only the right thing to do, it’s easier than ever.”

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Therese, Jennifer and Alice, Josefine.

Therese Elgquist

Plant-based Food Creator

“Food should be enjoyable and nutritious – not about rules and diets. Use food as a key to finding your optimal health without it bringing a load of stress.”

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Jennifer Francis & Alice Wells

Founders of Kindred Black

“The real answer, one that’s hard for everybody to accept, including us, is that we just simply need to consume less.”

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Josefine Bengtsson

Founder of Yogiakademin

“I believe the only way to make a real shift in this world, is by being the change!

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Marie (right), Celine, Julie and Marie.

Marie Engberg

Co-founder of Yume

“On an overall basis, we work with sustainability on a social and environmental level, meaning that the ideal sustainable product or brand caters to both sides.”

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Celine Aagaard

Co-founder of Envelope1976

“Consumption will go on, but we think it’s crucial to change the way we think and behave when designing, selling, and representing in the fashion industry.”

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Julie & Marie Skall

Founders of Skall Studio

“By using something pre-existing, or recycling, we can save a lot of good resources and prevent more waste from being produced.”

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Sade, Mia and Lina, Kanishtha.

Sade Mims

Founder of Edas

“I have a strong interest in using refurbished, and deadstock elements in a lot of my jewelry – it’s one of my many practices of weaving sustainability into my work, and that is extremely important to me.”

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Mia Clase & Lina Nertby Aurell

Founders of Food Pharmacy

“From a short-term intestinal flora point of view: no, you don’t have to become a vegan. But if most of us don’t decrease our intake of meat, our world will not survive, and our intestinal flora will go down along with it.”

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Kanishtha Dhankhar


“I feel very passionately about sustainability, and for me it is much more than a word and rather a philosophy to live by – a way of life. The way I see it, it is a more natural and connected way of life. Natural to human beings, but something we have lost because of rapid growth.”

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Sophie, Kalaurie, Natalija.

Sophie Monet

Jewelry Designer

“We use and save every little piece of wood around us to create as little waste as possible. I chose to work in this material because of its ancient roots, yet it feels like I’m developing new techniques and skills to create something unique and one of a kind for people to hold onto for generations.”

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Kalaurie Karl-Crooks

Founder of Kalaurie

“Working from a made-to-order manufacturing model means that only what is needed gets produced; everything has a purpose and an end destination.”

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Natalija Bouropoulos

Founder of Natalija

“If we feel good, we smile more, are more open to new experiences, and our attitude is lifted; and I think by that, you are more empowered to be a better mother.”

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