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Swedish innovation company Altered has made it their mission to make change easy, solving everyday problems with conscious designs that save both energy and resources.

Today, most of the water that rushes out of our taps runs down the drain without even touching our hands, dishes, veggies… That’s billions of liters of fresh water wasted every day. This while humans and animals are making do with a fresh water supply that’s even smaller than 1% of the total amount of water on this planet. According to Unicef, 2,1 billion people don’t even have access to clean water at this very moment, and many die because of it.

We sometimes tend live in a bubble where we forget how reluctant people are to change their habits. It’s easy to feel that while we want to move forward, others just want to stay the same. And even for people who try to live consciously, it’s hard to do everything right. But if it was really, really easy – maybe then?

“If we wish to make a real difference in as little time as possible, we need to find extremely simple and affordable ways to upgrade existing products, instead of replacing them. That’s what we’re doing with Altered:Nozzle”, says Altered’s CEO Johan Nihlén.

The company was founded by Swedish trio Kaj Mickos, Johan Nihlén and Mikael Abbhagen, and launched its first product, Altered:Nozzle, via crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2016. Combining great design and functionality, this clever innovation is made to reduce water consumption by up to 98%, if you can believe it, and is easily installed in minutes.

How it works sounds simple, though we imagine it took some pretty brilliant minds: You update you regular high flow tap aerator with the Altered:Nozzle, which is made from high-quality lead free Eco brass and designed to integrate with your faucet in a way that is hardly noticeable and actually rather stylish. The retrofit solution comes in two versions – Dual Flow Pro and Single Dome – which are optimized for homes and public areas.

“With our patent pending atomization technology, we turn the water into a dense mist that shoots out of your tap. Breaking the water into millions of droplets drastically increases the surface area of the water, which makes it possible to use every single drop coming out of your tap”, the company explains. 

Already award-winning times three, the Altered:Nozzle is created for a global market and has the potential of saving billions of liters of water as well as energy and CO2 emissions; not to mention water costs. Don’t know about you, but we can’t find a reason not to try it out.

Visit Altered here to read more and shop the products – including their new all-natural hand soap, which is optimized for their water-saving technology.

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