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Brand to Watch: A New Sweden

Posted in Style
by Johanna Andersson on 1 March, 2019

The term “locally made” is sometimes used way too loosely. Instead of describing a production chain that is actually located close to home, it might just as well refer to, for example, “somewhere in Europe”. It’s about time we reclaimed the true meaning of the words, and A New Sweden is the brand to do it. 

Now, why buy products made locally? Well, it not only reduces CO2 emissions caused by transportation, but enables more insight into production, and therefore a chance to get higher-quality products while supporting local businesses. However, to determine the sustainability of a product, you also have to factor in things like raw materials, manufacturing processes, labor standards, and recyclability; but with all that covered, local can be quite a luxury.

Now, there’s local, and there’s hyperlocal, which leads us again to A New Sweden – a newly launched brand that just released their first product (not collection): a 100% Swedish sweatshirt. Its maker, Lisa Bergstrand, is the brand founder and creative director, and used to design for some of the world’s leading fashion houses before steering her career in a slightly different direction.

“I now consult within the field of sustainable fashion, and started A New Sweden with the purpose of challenging the sustainability standards of the fashion industry”, Lisa tells us. “I wanted to prove that a local and transparent production chain is possible, with beautiful clothes made from local materials.”

The brand’s first garments – a classic unisex sweatshirt style and an oversized sweatshirt dress – are both made in Sweden using Swedish wool, and that’s it; no plastic, no chemicals. “My intention is not to make seasonal collections the way other fashion brands do. To me, that’s not sustainable, which is why I’ve decided to only make one garment every year; a piece of clothing that is simple and classic, that doesn’t go out of trend, that fits both women and men, and can be used for years to come.”

A New Sweden’s first edition sweatshirts are available in 150 exemplars.
Get yours here!

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