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You can think or say whatever you want about fast fashion brands (we sure do), but with their big budgets and heavy influence, they do have a unique power and ability to push change forward – if they so desire. So when we hear about Weekday releasing a collection made with 100% recycled materials, we sort of feel like throwing them a high five, or at least a casual fist bump. The point being: the brands that can should do, and here we are.

Weekday’s recovered denim collection was brought to life with the help of Recover©, a Spanish company that upcycles textile waste into new yarns. The process of producing the fabrics starts with post-industrial cotton waste being collected and separated by color – an innovative process that makes recoloring unnecessary (and if you know anything about dying, you’ll recognize this as a big environmental win). Next step is to shred the cotton into fibers, which are then blended with polyester made from recycled PET bottles.
The end result is two different fabrics: a light knitted cotton jersey and a heavy woven cotton denim; two low-impact textiles that save both energy, CO2, chemicals and water.

“The collection is a combination of modern workwear and classic sleepwear, celebrating that everyone holds the power to change and make conscious and active choices”, says Weekday designer Alice Shulman.
Recycled or not, it’s still equally important to consider your every purchase, asking yourself “do I really need this”, and taking responsibility for your clothes all the way from the store via washing and caring to recycling. Remember, and we can’t quote Vivienne Westwood enough on this: “buy less, choose well, make it last”. That will get you a really long way.

Weekday’s 100% recycled collection lands in stores on March 21.

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