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Sleeping Well With Arles Studio

Posted in Life
by Make it last on 15 February, 2019

Simple pleasures in bed and by the sea with hand dyed fabrics inspired by the Mediterranean.

One of the best things about summer has got to be how a single piece of soft, airy fabric can swoosh from beach to bed to waist. Arles Studio was created at the end of 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina; a palette of happy shades stretch across its range of bedlinen, blankets and tableware.

Lucía Baltar, the soul behind the brand, has a background in advertising and creative direction, ‘Driven by a constant curiosity I realized I could combine my interest in interior design, fashion, art and photography on this project. Exploring as well the different disciplines that inspire me and complement Arles.’

Tell us more about the spirit of Arles Studio…  

The project came to life through the experimentation with color and pigments in fabric, by the art of hand-dying and the creation of unique tones. We are interested in how materials and color relate to space and speak through the senses, creating an atmosphere. We enjoy the process and value of handmade pieces, their timelessness and quality.

We are inspired by the Mediterranean summer. Its small towns and that feeling of being captured by their character and essence. A feeling that remains forever imprinted in our memories. Those never ending sunsets, when the breeze blows and the sun dyes the scene.

Our tones are inspired by the seasons and the pleasures of life. We have passion for noble fabrics, textures, and shapes with character. We cherish simple and happy moments. Like reading a good book with a glass of wine while listening to music, surrounded by our favourite artworks.

Fill us in on your fabric of choice; why is cotton tussor a good bed fellow?

Our 100% cotton tussor originates in Argentina. We use only high quality, natural fibres and fabrics, which we hand-wash with a special technique, leaving it soft, comfy and breathable, refreshing to sleep in year round. Each piece is hand-dyed individually, keeping its natural texture and feel and, at the same time, using significantly less energy and water than industrial ones, making it unique and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it does not need to be ironed!

We are fully aware of excess packaging and the impact on the environment. This is why our packaging is made with natural, reusable fabrics, made from the remains of our pieces. Our bags can also be used for storing, organizing, or packing when you travel.

What makes the perfect night’s sleep?

Fresh and soft bedding, good company, a book before bed and enjoying bedtime rituals. Something good to wake up for.


You can find Arles Studio here and follow here.

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