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Happy Valentine’s everyone, hope you’re feeling the love! As we’re thinking that romance is only romantic if it’s also responsible, we’ve gathered up some helpful tips on how to turn lovemaking – with or without a partner – into a more eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable act. Take care, and have fun!


First of all. If you’re having sex with someone who should wear a condom (this could also be you) – use it. No matter what kind, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Always. However, if you’d like to make it an even better experience for you, your partner and the planet, there are a few things that take the concept of condom next-level.

For example, if it’s: made with natural latex from Fair Trade rubber plantations; free from nitrosamine, a chemical commonly found in condoms that is not an immediate health risk (don’t worry) but potentially cancer-causing in large doses; and vegan, i.e. made without casein, a milk protein used to make latex condoms smoother.  

It’s unfortunate, of course, that condoms are 100% single-use, but the benefits in this case makes it totally worth every resource “wasted”. Just make sure to dispose of used condoms responsibly. Goes without saying, but: never, ever, throw them in the toilet or in nature.


If you’re into lubricants, always check that the kind you have is compatible with the condom you use. Oil based products can damage latex, for example, while they might be preferable at other times. Go for a water based option made with clean, natural and organic ingredients (that’s dirty talk to our ears!), excluding things like parabens, glycerin or fragrances.

As it’s known that many conventional lubricants have toxic chemicals in them, it’s definitely very tempting to try coconut oil, pure aloe vera gel or almond oil as an all-natural lubricant (again, no oil with latex), but some do advise against it. Coconut oil, for example, has anti-microbial properties, which could potentially disrupt the vaginal flora… We’d recommend some research, or at least careful testing, before making any permanent changes.

Massage Oils

Speaking about lubing up (sorry): Don’t know about you, but we’ve never said no to a (toxic-free) candlelight massage. For this, we think pure and organic coconut oil, almond oil or shea butter would be both pleasurable and sufficient – clean, all-natural and vegan, while at the same time being super moisturizing and nourishing for the skin. You can even heat it up if you like. Please double check for eatability before getting any ideas though.  

And if you’d like to stimulate other senses, you can always blend in a few drops of an organic essential oil; just make sure no one’s sensitive or allergic as that would totally kill the buzz. Rose, ylang ylang, yasmine, patchouli, rosewood, cardamom, neroli, cinnamon and sandalwood are all said to put you in a sexy mood.

Sex Toys

No matter if you’ve planned a romantic evening for one, or more, sex toys can be great for spicing things up. Wanting nothing to do with the toxic chemicals, like phthalates, that can be found in some pleasure products, we’re feeling eager to look into the modern, eco-friendly alternatives (not talking about vegetables, guys!).

Right now, we’re loving the range of sex toys offered at Kindred Black (shoutout), which are artfully made from hand blown glass or hand painted ceramics. Simple sophistication is no doubt the new sexy. These toys are probably also going to outlast their silicone or rubber equivalents by far, and are much less complicated to recycle.

Hope these tips got you in the right mood. 

Love is love <3

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