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NI MŪ Is Not Just Another Retreat

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by Make it last on 28 January, 2019

Paula, Mariana and Bea were co-workers before they became friends and launched NI MŪ, ‘The three of us truly felt we needed to make a difference, an impact on the people in the world. We started this project in order to help people inspire and connect with themselves. Their most inner self. We want to push all of us to start questioning what kind of life they wanna live.’ Paula tells me.  

Last year saw them take space at Can Julià for an experience encompassing four channels; body, mind, art and health, ‘We were really concerned about how people live their lives and we wanted to join some kind of retreat or spiritual and healthy experience; we realised nothing like this exists in our home country. So, we decided to launch it!’

What is the NI MŪ way?

It is just to live according to your own values. We always tell our ‘hood’ there is not a right way. You just have to find the one that fits better with you. For us, our most important thing is CONSCIOUSNESS.  That’s the big deal so here is where we put all our effort. It all begins with consciousness.

Once you are conscious of yourself, of the things you want to pursue, ‘your mission’ on earth, your family, your people, your values… your planet, then all the rest comes! Easy

For those who have taken part in retreats before, what sets NI MŪ apart?

We can promise there is no experience like this.

At some point, we wanted to sign up one of these experiences and what we found costed around 800 to 1000 euro per weekend, which is a bit expensive for just three days and they were focused on just one activity like yoga, or mindfulness, or creativity. We didn’t want to choose.  

Because who knows, practising different things is where people get out of their comfort zones. We want people to have the chance to try this so we try to launch our awakenings – that’s what we call them, as we don’t see them so much as typical ‘retreats’ from 300 to 500 euro.

Also, NI MŪ has no ‘leaders’ we’re just the HOOD. All of us. The community of people who have been joining us (now we’re almost 50) are the creators too. They have also the opportunity to share their knowledge. Everyone learns from each other!

What’s in store for 2019?

Now we’re very excited planning the next two experiences. One of them will be in the Pyrenees surrounded by mountains. The other may have a social cause behind it and will have a ‘very sunny touch’. Stay tuned!


You can find NI MŪ here and follow here for upcoming 2019 dates.

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