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Have you ever thought about leaving your current job to pursue something perhaps more free and creative – something that would make you truly happy? We do it all the time, but still – here we are (and that’s not so bad either). However, every time we hear about someone who’s taken the plunge and dared to follow their dream of living a simpler, slower life, doing something hands-on and personal, we feel a sting of envy, and so the daydreaming continues.

Londoner Luke Hope is one such person. After spending 20 years by an office desk doing something he liked, but not loved, he left it all to pursue his dream job as a woodworking artist, hand carving objects for the home. Launching his UK-based company ‘Hope in the Woods’ just a few years back, he started off by making the most wonderful wooden spoons using just a few simple tools and, over time, he has branched out with equally beautiful vases, bowls and dishes made from various light and dark woods.

Having studied design straight out of school, he says he was “drawn back in through the calm of the process…the meditative nature of making something by hand; working slowly to create new forms from a single piece of wood.” We believe this state of mind is fully present and visible in his designs, as there’s definitely something calming and peaceful about them…soulful, even. Something that makes you long to touch, to place the smooth, flawless surface of a spoon to you cheek, and in your mouth. But maybe that’s just us?

See his work here and follow on Instagram – the feed is super inspiring!   

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