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Is your New Year’s resolution to live clean and green in 2019? You can! By making more conscious decisions in your everyday life, you'll step by step give your lifestyle an eco-friendly upgrade. Here are some helpful tips that makes the transition easier, and remember: every little thing counts.


First tip: Save water. Don’t leave any tap running, weather it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, and close them properly when done to avoid dripping. Always turn off the shower while lathering up, scrubbing, or whatever you do. And, of course: stay off the bottled water.


Walk, cycle or travel collectively to work or school. Skip the car as often as you can and go by train instead of flying. This will reduce the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide and other global-warming gasses produced by traffic. 


Do you really need a takeaway coffee, or could you have one at home or at work instead? This, of course, is to avoid the tragic waste of a single-use cup. However, you could bring your own reusable travel mug to the coffee shop, which would make you look pretty cool and conscious. 


Say no to all single-use plastic. Skip the plastic straw at the café, fill your own water bottle with tap water, boycott plastic cutlery, and bring a reusable shopping bag to the store (like this one). This is absolutely game changing.


Why not extend meat-free Monday to an entire week, month or year? Plant-based meals with lots of yummy greens are better for you, the animals and the planet (here’s why). And instead of a takeaway lunch (which usually comes with a side of single-use plastic), bring your homemade, eco-friendly lunch box – it’s a lot cheaper too.


Buy in bulk and packing-free whenever you can. Most grocery stores make this really challenging, but with a little research, you might find a place that lets you. This way, you also won’t end up with more than you actually need. (We’d love a pentry set like this one to keep things sorted).


Most basic rule: Think twice before buying anything, weather it’s clothing, food, beauty, or any other stuff. Always ask yourself: Do I really need this? And instead of buying new, why don’t you give pre-owned a go? Here are some words that might inspire. And here.  


Choose local and organic food, and don’t throw it away. Try taking Therese Elgquist’s advice, which is to make several different things with the same ingredients throughout the week, and make new dishes from the leftovers. You’ll find more clever tips here and in her book below.


Wash with care. Do your laundry only when you can fill up the machine (without stuffing it), wash on a lower temperature, and use a microfiber washing bag for your polyester. Also, hang your textiles to air dry instead of using the dryer. Check out our washing guides here and here.   


Lastly, but maybe most importantly: Recycle! It’s your personal responsibility to make sure that plastic, paper, glass, food, metal, textiles and all other consumer waste ends up where it belongs, so it can be properly recycled and the loop closed. Nothing beats that do-good feel. 

Together we can make this the greenest year yet!   

Shop the Essentials

1. Bar Soap Apotheke Bamboo, Tambur Store. 2. Cookbook ‘The New Green Protein’ by Therese Elgquist, Designtorget. 3. Oval lunch box, Eco Lunchbox/Tambur Store.

4. Glass Straws, Goop. 5. Net bag, Orskov/Tambur Store. 6. Guppy Friend Washing Bag, Filippa K.

7. Amber Bottles, June Home Supply. 8. Coffee Cup, Joco Cup/Lapland Ecostore. 9. Steel Bottle, insulated for warm and cool drinks, Clima/Yume.  


Johanna Andersson: Åh, ja jättefina! <3
January 11, 2019

Emeli: Kaffeeform har också fina takeaway-muggar!
January 11, 2019

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