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Planning a mid-winter vacation to some place hot and sunny? We could all use a week or two to set the D-vitamin levels straight and recover from the holidays... Here are some perfect pieces to pack for your next getaway or save for warmer weather.

1. Lille Swim Top, Shaina Mote. 2. Gal Earrings, Nathalie Schreckenberg/Rena Sala. 3. Alassio Dress, Tôteme.

4. Bari Almond Vacchetta, vegetable tanned leather, ATP Atelier. 5. Saturno Scarf, Shaina Mote. 6. Mallory Hipster, Araks.

7. San Fransisco Dress, Envelope1976/F6 Concept Store. 8. Cross Back Swimsuit, Filippa K. 9. Bianca Dress, Arnsdorf.

10. Cesta Woven Terracotta Bag, Tuza/Shop the Break. 11. Viveca Dress, organic cotton, Mara Hoffman. 12. Ira Sandal, Maryam Nassir Zadeh.


Henrietta: I agree with the previous comment, this kind of content is really triggering for readers who feel deeply worried about our planet. Do better, WMIL.
January 15, 2019

Elena: Hi Johanna, thank you for your answer – I really appreciate it! I would love to however argue that as a platform that wishes to embrace change you should not be claiming things like "we don't believe people will stop traveling by plane". How are we going to ever have a change if we don't believe in it? I really hope that you would take a proper look at the issue and possibly drop these types of pro-traveling by plane articles completely. Because what could be equally interesting and inspiring content-wise is to really be creative and come up with articles that support local travel or alternative ways of travel? This is how you dress for the cold, best ways of travelling by train, ever heard of co-voiturage – this could be something for you etc. Because ultimately, we will all have to try to "avoid travelling by air" -> http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/aa7541
January 14, 2019

Johanna Andersson: Hi Elena, Thank you so much for commenting, we really value your opinion and deeply appreciate your commitment! We want to inspire both small and big changes, and don't believe people will stop traveling by plane all together (even though this would probably be what's best for this planet). However, it might not be the long-distance flight you take once a year that pose the biggest threat to the environment, but rather the shorter distances you travel often. Maybe this article on 'conscious air travels' would be of interest to you? http://makeitlast.se/2018/03/13/our-ultimate-guide-to-climate-conscious-air-travels/ Hope you'll stay with us! <3
January 11, 2019

Elena: This is seriously bullshit. I personally think WMIL should not encourage its readers to fly somewhere in the cold of winter. Why isn’t the editor instead looking at winter warming gear that is sustainable and perfect for LOCAL travel and little staycations? I’m so disappointed.
January 11, 2019

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