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Högsta bud —

A conscious gift can be many things. We especially love the ones that do good for both people and planet, and isn’t that what this holiday is all about anyway – doing good? Make it last co-founder Lisa Corneliusson shares some truly great gifts to give away or wish for.

“All I really want for Christmas is for everyone with the slightest capability to give their support to the people of Yemen, who are in the middle of this year’s largest humanitarian crisis. According to Save the Children, 100 kids die every day of hunger. I can’t write this without crying. Please, do what you can to help. If in Sweden, swisha to 900 6008 with the message HUNGER, now.”

x Lisa

1. What a beautiful box to store postcards in! Or jewelry.
Vintage malachite and marble box, Bukowskis.

2. I dream about having a style that includes long skirts and knee high boots in the winter, Maryam Nassir Zadeh style.
Boots, Miu Miu/Re-See.

3. We’re almost finished building a house in the archipelago. All our money is gone but I still dream about expensive De Sede sofas, like this one.
Sofa by De Sede, Lauritz.

4. No sane person would by this leather net feather bag for a trillion euros, but you can always dream right? I love Ebay, if you didn’t already know.
Leather Net Feather Bag, Céline/Ebay.

5. One of my favorite artists, Helena Almeida, passed away this year. I would love to have her book Andar, abraçar on my bookshelf.
Andar, abraçar by Helena Almeida, IberLibro.

6. I love face mists. This one is all natural.
Rosewater Mist, Aster & Bay.

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