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No matter if you’re going for Kim’s dramatic eyelashes or something much more subtle, a good mascara is a must in your makeup bag. Obviously, you want one that is made with only the best natural and organic ingredients, so we’ve picked out 9 great options to choose from.

Above: Kimono, AVAVAV.

Emma claims to have already found the perfect natural mascara: Conditioning Volume 3D Mascara from LashFood, which is said to make frail and brittle lashes thicker and longer on a cellular level. That sounds pretty fantastic, but now listen to this: the innovative brand has also created the world’s first natural and organic certified eyelash enhancing serum. Say whaat? The magic ingredient is called Phyto-Medic Complex – a unique blend of herbal extracts that will strengthen and nourish the lashes in a natural way – and people who have tried it shares proof of its effectiveness. So, if opting for that Kardashian-esque eye mane, without having to use fake lashes, this might be something for you. But hey, people with more modest aspires might like a little lash-boost too – just go less heavy on the mascara.


5 Mascara Hacks to Make it Last

1. Wash and clean the wand from dried-in mascara and clumps now and then so it will keep performing the way it’s supposed to.      

2. Clean the wand when the mascara is out and save it to use as an applicator or just to separate the lashes and remove clumps.

3. Have you tried using your mascara as an eyeliner? This might be a clever tip if you want to limit the number of products in your kit. Just use a liner brush to apply. Another great trick is of coarse to wiggle the wand close to your lid to create a more subtle eyeliner effect.

4. If your mascara has started to clump: Secure the cap tightly and let the tube sit in a glass of hot water for a while. This will thin and de-clump the formula so you can use it for a while longer.

5. Don’t pump the mascara wand up and down in the tube. This will cause air to get in, which will make the formula dry up much faster. Instead, twirl it as you pull it upwards to get the product evenly on.


Shop the Mascaras

1. Mascara, Ilia/Content Beauty. 2. Precision Mascara, Manasi7. 3. Black Mascara, Kjaer Weis/Reve En Vert.

4. Natural Mascara, Lily Lolo/Naturligt Snygg. 5. Phyto Pigments Ultra Natural Mascara, Juice Beauty/Goop. 6. Volume Mascara, Maria Åkerberg/Skin City.

7. Mascara Glorious Volumizing Black, Puro Bio/Naturligt Snygg. 8. BioMineral Long Lash Mascara, Estelle & Thild. 9. Macara, RMS Beauty.

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