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Yngvild Saeter is an artist we admire. We had the opportunity of shooting her and her work this fall, and she’s one of those women whose energy fills up a room; one of those not leading an ordinary life.
One and a half year ago Yngvild had two major brain surgeries. As she writes, “the first surgery went wrong, I died, and came back”.
The mistakes made during the surgery have made Yngvild face a new world of mental health challenges, as her symptoms got worse. From thinking she was in recovery, she’s had to face the fact that she will probably not have a pain free second for the rest of her life.
How amazing, then, that Yngvild has turned her challenges into something powerful, creative. Close to death, she envisioned her future art – shields and stripped auto bodies, shells protecting her and making her feel safe – and today she’s achieved her dream of living off her art. She’s received scholarships, is represented by a brilliant gallery and prepare for multiple shows this spring.
But before that, Yngvild will undergo her third brain surgery. She hopes it’s her last. We really hope so too and send all our love and energy her way. We can’t wait to see your future. <3

Yngvild Saeter in represented by Andrèhn-Schiptjenko. Upcoming shows this spring at 3:e Våningen in Gothenburg and at the Market Art Fair. Check out her art here and follow her here.

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