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"I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of plants. From beauty to health to nutrition, plant-based solutions can truly improve our lifestyle."

You may already follow Nuria Val’s aka ‘frecklesnur’ mesmerising travel adventures on Instagram, including aboard Narinan. Often captured during sunrise and sunset, her uninhibited spirit has attracted various brands and magazines for creative projects. Now she launches her own, a beauty line as raw and honest as her.

How long has ROWSE been in the making?

– The creative process has taken about a year. I came up with the idea of ROWSE while travelling to inspiring places such as Lanzarote, Reunion Island, Japan, Iceland, Stromboli, Philippines, among others. I was dazed by the power and beauty of nature there and curious to explore how it could be used for beauty purposes. For months I’ve listened to women and men in my community, trying to understand what they were looking for in a beauty brand.

– ROWSE is an attempt for me to express my vision of beauty through simple, raw products but most of all to offer everyone a beauty alternative that is gentle to the skin and nature.

Why plant-based oils?

– I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of plants. From beauty to health to nutrition, plant-based solutions can truly improve our lifestyle. It’s been fascinating to study their properties and to find the right mix of ingredients for our first product: a body oil.

– I wanted to start this beauty adventure with oils because it’s the purest way to preserve the properties of a plant: it’s basically an extraction of raw plants, nothing more.

How is it kind to the planet?

– From day one I have wanted ROWSE to be planet-friendly. Sustainability comes in many ways and it’s up to each one of us to do whatever we can, no matter the size of the company. We have promised ourselves to always favor ethics over anything else and to be transparent in terms of sourcing and production.

– For our first product, we selected natural ingredients from local producers and developed a body oil with the help of a Paris-based laboratory. Our perfume is also 100% natural, made with essential oils. You’ll never find preservatives or any nasty ingredients in our products.

What have you learned along the way?

– I’ve learned so much! And I’m still learning every day about all types of plants, how to use them and the overall beauty industry. Even as a photographer I’m learning a lot about taking pictures of them and trying to express what plants mean to me. Plants have so much personality and it’s amazing to capture it. There’s so much we can do as individuals to make positive changes. I wish I could do more!

Other hero products you travel with?

– In my purse right now there’s a natural all-purpose balm that I recently developed to test it out. It’s very handy while travelling and I hope I’ll be able to share it with ROWSE’s community soon! And in my luggage: raw coconut oil for my hair that I used everyday during my last trip to California. Coconut oil is a basic ingredient that can do wonders. I love it because it keeps my hair hydrated, especially in places where the sun radiation is strong.

ROWSE will be available to pre-order from 12th November 2018. You can find them here and follow here.

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Emma: Love the universe!!
November 5, 2018

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