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There are lots of things you can do to make your bath and beauty regime a more eco-friendly one. By ditching the plastics and opting for products made with natural and organic ingredients, you’re on to a really good start.

The buzzwords for conscious beauty consumerism? Bulk, packaging-free, reuse and refill. In other words: we need to rethink how we buy beauty, and brands need to rethink how they sell it. Natural and organic contents deserves better than plastic packaging, may it be recycled and recyclable or not. More plastic is more plastic is more plastic, meaning that plastic particles of any size are bound to find their way into our nature and waters (more on that here and here). The only way to avoid this is to go completely plastic-free – and you can. Read on for some ideas. 

Bar soaps, for instance, are booming right now, and they’re no doubt genius from an environmental perspective. You can even make them fairly easy yourself (remember when that was a trend?). However, next step is to make the entire bath ritual plastic-free by switching to the new and brilliant shampoo bars. Yes – that’s shampoo solidified. We’re calling this the next big thing in the natural beauty biz and Lush, for instance, are making plenty of them already. Another up, besides the no-packaging deal, is that shampoo bars are said to last considerably longer than fluid ones – even up to three times longer – as you need very little for each wash.    

Another thing to consider: your razor. It’s plastic, no? Maybe it’s time we went for something a little more durable and long-lasting – like a classic safety razor. It looks a little daunting, we know, but it all comes down to technique. Some even say that a safety razor is a better option for those with sensitive skin, and best used in combination with a lathering bar soap for a close, smooth shave. If in doubt, look to Youtube for guidance. And, why not end the routine with a moisturizing lotion bar (another popular DIY)? 
And speaking of hair removal: Have you tried sugaring? We’re sort of hooked on it here at the office, and usually go to a salon that uses an organic sugar paste (yes, thats just regular, all-natural sugar). If you can spare the expense, and endure the pain, it’s totally worth it.

Now, it’s true that it may take time to find a routine that is sustainable for you – we all have our individual needs. Maybe you’ll start by switching your peeling for a dry brush, your plastic toothbrush for a wooden one, and your cleansing pads for washable cotton circles, knowing that every little thing counts.  

What are your favorite plastic-free products? Do tell!


Shop the Zero-Plastic Bath and Beauty Essentials

1. Binchotan Charcoal Facial Puff, Morihata. 2. Traditional Chrome Razor, Mühle/Content Beauty. 3. Blue Corn Body and Hair Bar, Made by Navajo farmers/Kindred Black.

4. Body Brush With Knob, Redecker/The Line. 5. Professional Straight Tweezers, Pallares Solsona/Kindred Black. 6. Wooden Toothbrush, Redecker/June Home Supply.

7. Bamboo Charcoal Soap, Herbivore Botanicals. 8. Menstrual Cup, Organicup/Jordklok. 9. Charcoal Dental Floss, Georganics/Lappland Ecostore.

10. Wooden Hairbrush, Tek/Lapland Ecostore. 11. Organic Cotton Pads, Imsevimse/Jordklok. 12. Unisex Shampoo and Body Wash, Beauty Kubes/Content Beauty.

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Eric: And the razors for the safety razor is cheap and only made of metal, no plastic as in ordinary razors.
November 2, 2018

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