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If birds of a feather flock together, then those that fly with Faro share a purity that comes alive in Mallorca.

His photography is a window to a life that exists for many only in their dreams, in a state of undress and free, ‘...for me it’s all about capturing a moment, someone’s life, telling stories or reproducing memories. I love creating a scenography, but especially working with my surroundings, letting myself be inspired by it.’

How did the relationship with the Nude Label come about?

“I felt connected with the brand, which is originally from Barcelona, like me. And when I was living between Berlin and Mallorca, during the summer time, my especial guest Ariadna (About Arianne’s founder) who never missed a summer in La Finca, was always wearing The Nude Label. So, while we’re spending hot summer evenings together, usually wearing few clothes, having sun baths and working the land, we took many spontaneous pictures of those moments.

Then the brand contacted me, considering that we both could do something together for them.

What I like the most about the brand after knowing it a little bit better, is the diversity they have about the aesthetics and beauty of the women’s lines. Natural, showing how the body really is, and accepting all curves of these bodies. At the same time, with the clothes design, which gets along really well with the female body. Since they’ve incorporated men’s underwear, as a man I feel a stronger connection with the brand.”

What about your collaborators for the shoot?

“The collaborators were for me the biggest point of inspiration for the shooting; the way they are, how they move, their surroundings… portraying artists that are coming from different disciplines.

Adriana Meunié was the feminine reference point for the shooting. She is a textile artist, who creates sculptures, paintings with local materials from the island and has recently been working on a sustainable unisex and one size clothing collection with organic fabrics, but especially locally made.

Jaume Roig inspires me with an earthly perspective: his works balances between painting made with clay and ceramic sculptures, using natural colors, searching for expressivity with his organic shapes. He works very directly with the clay, using just a few basic tools, so his hands are the ones who really end up shaping the pieces.

And Miquel Amengual, who was also a big inspiration as a dancer, being part as the human composition in the pictures, using the sensibility he has with the body, shapes and harmony, and gave me flow with his beauty. Also as a photographer, his support was very helpful, assisting me as a photographer with the photoshooting and scanning some of the pictures of that day.”

Did you know them already?

“I like to think that these persons are one of the many presents that the Balearic Island has given me. The Nude Label offered me this chance to portray the brand with my own style and these friends were the first ones who came up into my mind for this shooting, with their wonderful way of living as locals, showing me a little bit of the artistic lifestyle from an island.

The pictures were taken in Adriana and Jaume’s finca, in south Mallorca. A place which seduced me from the first time I saw it, decorated by them, with their art pieces and their own personal taste.

The time we shared for the pictures happened on an August summer evening, near the sea. Surrounded by nature and its different light changes during the day, we had to keep changing spots – outside with Jaume working with the manual wheel and using the last light inside of the house with Adriana knitting her pieces. At the end of the day we were outside again because of the sunset light falling on the almond trees and their cactus garden with Jaume’s paintings, until finally, we were warming us up with Adriana’s patrons of her new clothing collection and the arrival of the chilly wind of the night. The day ended up with all of us sitting outside and drinking red wine, chatting and watching the moonrise.”

What’s a special moment that happened to you during the shooting?

“A beautiful moment I experienced during the shooting was when I went out of the house to change the film and I turned around and I saw through the window the artists standing, lying around and talking, it all made me very happy realizing from an outsider perspective such beautiful atmosphere we all created.

This shooting was and is a few of many ways to see, to feel and to share the island. And it shows the care I have for the island, how much it inspires in my daily life.”

Before we finish, tell us about Mallorca…

“It has been four years spending the summer in Mallorca, with the beautiful local people and nature. Recently I started a project to rebuild and live in an old ‘Posessió’ with a lot of history, feeling that I have still a lot of life in front of me, it always shows me new chances, resources, and people who guide me. They teach me how to take care of these Balearic Island and share it with me with a lot of respect.

So this is the way I would like to show the island. Because it’s starting to be a very popular place and maybe some secret spots should be still secret. We should let the island show what it wants to show by itself, and let the surprises come by alone.

I feel the simplicity of the daily life in Mallorca, to see the sea every day, which refreshes us in the summer and in winter produces for me a kind of melancholy and strength at the same time. ‘La poca necessitat de recorrer molts de kilometres per trobar la llibertat i les necessitats es redueixen’.” *

*The possibility to find freedom in so few kilometers allows me to reduce my necessities.


You can find The Nude Label here and follow here. Visit Faro Lacueva here and follow here.

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